Rug Cleaning and Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Investment Beautiful

Being unaware of the fact what the future holds can be a little unnerving. Dealing with uncertainty of any kind might take a toll on you, be it social, emotional, or financial. Thus, it is better to be prepared for anything that life might throw at you, after all, it is life, certainly the uncertain. The 1st rule of business studies says, “The higher the risk, the higher will be the profits”. But little do you all know we aren’t talking about those types of investments. Stating the Obvious we are referring to rugs.

Rug Cleaning and Maintenance

From the European emperors of the past to the Mughal rulers in colonial times, from our great grandparents to us, the modern homeowners of today, one thing that is common between us all is our love for fine handmade carpets.  As mentioned in our previous blog, a handmade carpet is a long-term investment. If taken care of properly, it can last a few lifetimes and can be passed down as a family heirloom. More than a floor covering, a handmade carpet is a piece of adornment that adds grace and aestheticism to your space. It is an extension of your personality, a personal touch that you add to your home to give it a unique and distinguished personality.

You might wonder about the efforts and hard work you need to put in to make your handmade investment last generations. Maintaining your carpet can be a little tricky but need not worry.  What if we tell you that all you need to do is follow these tiny steps and you will be good?  Don’t believe us? Well, try and let us know. (We know that you’ll come back for more).

  1. The right rug for the right place- Deciding the type of rug and placing it in the right place plays a major role in maintaining your rug. For eg- if you wish to place a rug in your living space, you should not go with a flatweave. Though it might be suitable, the living area being a place with high footfall might wear off your rug quickly even if taken care of properly. A flatweave can be a suitable choice for the bedroom or areas with comparatively low foot traffic and a tufted or a knotted rug might go well in the living space.

    From flat-weaves to hand-knotted, you will find the perfect rug for each space on our website. Raging from natural materials to recycled polyesters, our rugs are crafted with care and come with high durability.
  2. Set rules- It's your house, set your own rules. Declare your home or specifically the rug area as a shoe-free zone. Footwear of any kind carries a lot of dust and debris. Since a handmade carpet is often crafted with absorbent materials, these dust particles set in the carpet canvas. Though not visible initially, in the long run, this might disrupt the beauty of your carpet.
  3. Keep it Rotating- You might notice certain depressions in the areas on the carpet nestling your furniture. To avoid them becoming permanent, rotate your carpet every once in a while to balance out the pressure.
  4. Use Carpet Protection- Just like you plastic wrap your cars and bikes, put a screen guard on your mobile, and you can get a protection film for your carpet. From clear to semi-clear choices, varying in sizes to 24-36 inches, this protection film comes with an easy-to-use roll-on. On one side, it has an adhesive that sticks to the carpet canvas, and the other side is transparent, making it invisible. Though it reduces your vacuum runs, you might have to replace it monthly.
  5. Stains are your enemies- Mishaps like spills and drops do not come with prior notice. Thus, you have to act fast before they accumulate. Since hand-made carpets are crafted using absorbent materials, the fibers absorb these stains as a reflected action, making the stain permanent. But as absorbent as they are, they come with an easy-to-clean feature. In case of a stain, you need to blot the stained area with a clean damp cloth or a paper towel. Make sure to use a mild detergent with warm water and dab on the stain again. To avoid loosening the knots, rub on the stain gently.
  6. Vacuum runs- Most carpets have a thick weave and, thus, have a tendency to retain dust and debris between the fibers. Plus, during the festive season when your rug caters more than the usual footfall, the space tends to get all dusty. Make sure to run a vacuum cleaner thoroughly across your carpet canvas every week to give it a rejuvenated look all over again.

In case you find it difficult to follow the above steps, you can always reach out to a professional carpet cleaning service provider. These people have the necessary tools and experience and make your carpet as good as new just in one sitting.

Keep your home sparkling with neat aesthetics only by following these easy tips for the care and maintenance of your carpets. Just a simple addition of carpets to a space can induce your room with a pinch of drama and enhance its aesthetics. Moreover, with such an investment, you’d want the essence to be retained for a long time, right?

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