The Versatility of Round Rugs in Spaces_ Making the Most of Your Area

Many of us today live a corporate life. There is nothing bad about it but sometimes all of us need a break and wish to do something unusual that fixes our daily routine of waking up at 7 in the morning, going to the office at 9, leaving at 5, and reaching home by 7 just to doze off by 10 pm and work hard the entire week waiting for that weekend that just ends within a blink of an eye. You'd be wrong if you deny it.

The Versatility of Round Rugs in Spaces

While stability in our lives make us feel comfortable and help us be prepared for any mishap we might face, sometimes taking a different path just excites your day. Thus, taking the road not taken is necessary every once in a while. Ranging from a minor change in your daily routine to setting up your home with unusual decor accessories, a change can either be a learning or a lesson.

While familiarity is a breeding concept, unfamiliarity instantly grabs your attention. Take rugs for example, while rectangular and square rugs add in that missing aestheticism in your space, round-shaped rugs add wonder. Apart from being unusual, round shapes are versatile options that blend in with everything. From traditional motifs to modern art, round structures are like connecting dots that just hold the entire piece together. So together, let's dwell in the versatility of round rugs and explore how they induce wonder into ordinary spaces.

  1. Decide the focal point- In everyone’s house, there is a place that they wish to show off in front of their guests. Determine the focal point of your room/living space and place your round rug there. Maybe underneath the coffee table to divert attention to your new furniture or under the small cupboard or the crockery rack to boast off your new china or the painting adorning the wall beside.
  2. Layering with other carpets- As mentioned earlier, circular shapes are versatile additions to every realm. Comparatively smaller than the usual square and rectangular carpets, round rugs are great if you wish to layer your carpets. Adding a couple of round rugs over a rectangular carpet won’t just add aestheticism to your space but will increase the depth and intensity of the room, lending it a unique character.
  3. Define your space- Round rugs define different areas in your space. They not only help create boundaries among spaces with different uses but also induce tidiness to your space. Placing a round rug in the living area can segregate the zone from the workspace or the dining area nearby. These rugs add a diversion but also maintain the continuity of your space.
  4. Make small places look bigger- From homeowners to professional interior designers, both opt for round rugs if they are catering to a small area. This is because the curved edges of round rugs immediately divert our attention to every inch of the room, giving the illusion that the room is bigger. This approach is usually taken for condos or single-room spaces where there is no separation among spaces. Adding round rugs to define specific areas makes your area look spacious. 
  5. For the bedroom- You might not have a round bed but you can make your bedroom reminiscent of the one in a Dharma movie, simply by adding a round rug underneath your bed. Complementing your bed and elevating the character of your room with a hint of luxury.
  6. Reduce the white space- Round rugs are suitable and blend in effortlessly in the white corners of your home, giving your space a complete look. Though adding round rugs in these small spaces might make you feel that you are reducing minimalism, you will notice a drastic change in the aura of your space.

From furniture to wall paintings, most of the decor items in our space have sharp edges. Introducing circular-shaped rugs will soften the edges all around your home, in turn inducing a soothing vibe. A round rug of the right material and design can elevate your space in ways you cannot even imagine. At Obeetee Carpets, we have a variety of round rugs available. Material wise ranging from wool to cotton, jute to recycled polyester. In terms of construction, we have hand-tufted, hand-knotted, and even machine-made. If you require a flat weave or one with a plush pile, we have round rugs for your every need. Each of our round rugs is crafted with precision and utmost care by experienced artists of Bhadohi. Available in multiple designs, varying from traditional to transitional, vintage to modern, and edgy to symmetrical, our rugs feature designs of all categories to blend in effortlessly in your spaces.

While rectangular and square rugs are commonly used, round rugs are better to look at. They are softer, and cuter, boast of a refreshing vibe, and add more functionality to the spaces.

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