The Art of Choosing the Perfect Rug for Your Home

The interior of your living space is nothing less than a work of art that you create with your creativity. Just like colors, brush strokes, and inspiration are different elements of a painting, multiple decor accents like the furniture, show-pieces, and color scheme are pieces that unite the interior of your space. No matter how complete something looks, there is always a requirement for a few finishing touches. In the case of a painting, it's the final shading and shadows, and for any interior, it's a beautiful handmade carpet.

Perfect Rug for Your Home

A canvas of a home is incomplete without an area rug. Area rugs are powerful design tools. They are like artwork for the floor, providing a complementary background to the entire decor. Most professional designers suggest carpets to give your home that complete look. Though available in every price range, it is a dominant accent and may affect the entire personality of your home. The right rug in terms of design and quality might serve in your home for decades while the wrong rug will be a reminder that will poke you every day regarding your wasteful investment.

Deciding which carpet works best for you comes with several considerations. Believe us when we say that picking the right rug is nothing less than art. From the floor pattern to the inspiration, the motive to the purpose, you need to be set on every objective.

  1. Multiple rugs- There is no such limitation of using only one rug, you can use multiple. Professions often recommend using multiple rugs for larger rooms to define different areas. Eg- if you have a common space for the living room and the dining area, 2 separate yet similar rugs can be placed under the seating and the dining furniture to segregate the space. This is often a good idea for single-room apartments as well. Rugs of different shapes, sizes, and patterns can be used to define spaces and give the room a tidy appearance.
  2. Layering- Suppose you do get multiple rugs yet you feel that something is missing, you can always try layering. Placing a solid rug at the bottom adorned with a smaller but bold and vibrant rug on top might put an end to your task. Depending upon the look that you wish to achieve, choose the design of your carpets with the help of a professional.
  3. The size and the space- Determining the size requirement of your carpet is very necessary. Measure the space available and then set out to select the carpet. The right measurement will not only help you to give the space a lively character but also help make it aesthetic. Another factor why you need to determine the size is because of the availability. It is quite possible that your desired rug might not be available at your vendor in your required design. Being prepared in advance will save you the pain of heartbreak.
    However, if you purchase your rugs from Obeetee carpets, you won’t face such an issue. We have an eclectic collection of handcrafted carpets featuring designs of all styles to cater to your needs. Versatile enough to blend in effortlessly in your decor, each of our carpets is made using traditional techniques using nothing but the best quality of natural fibers. Just like icing on the cake with a cherry on top, we offer you a customization service where we seek inspiration from your idea, add in our Obeetee touch, and curate a custom-made carpet for you as per your required sizes and style.
  4. Pick the Design- Depending upon the area where you wish to place the rug, you need to pick the right design. Take into consideration the existing decor style and the vibe that you wish to induce. For creating a modern atmosphere, pick abstract and geometrical designs, for transitional space Boho motifs work best, and for traditional we suggest the classic Persian patterns.
  5. The material- According to the terms of usage, choose the material of your rug. If your rug will bear high footfall and rough usage, go for durable materials like wool and viscose. For minimal use like in the bedroom, materials like cotton and recycled polyester would be suitable. On our website, you will have rugs crafted using all kinds of natural fibers. Even our artificial fibers are crafted sustainably. Each rug crafted is a durable and sustainable piece. In our eclectic collection, you will even find silk carpets that can be used as tapestries.

If we keep on discovering, there will be an end number of suggestions we can pour out for you but we’ll stop here. We understand that you might be overwhelmed already.

Keep the above factors in mind and take your time while you pick a rug. Research as much as you can and then make the right choice.

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