Rugs and Sustainability: Eco-Friendly Choices for a Greener Home

It's the year 2023, and our actions are the factors that have caused the effects of global warming to take over. Thus, sustainability needs to be applied to every realm of life. Ranging from business to lifestyle and everything else, it is the need of the hour that we analyze the usage of all our resources and ensure that we don’t exhaust them all, leaving nothing for future generations. To put it together briefly, sustainability is about being aware and sensible regarding the availability of the natural resources we use.

Rugs and Sustainability

Today, the world has transformed into a new era. And ever since the pandemic hit us, people have started to be more conscious environmentally and socially. From recycling major of trash to consuming food that causes a reduced amount of carbon emissions, the humans of today have been taking different steps in their way to contribute to a sustainable future. This wave of the eco-friendly approach has led to a movement where families have started to incorporate green and sustainable practices in their daily routines. Reduced pollution, reduced carbon emissions, and less consumption of fossil fuels play a keen role in this movement,  but it just slips through peoples’ minds that environmentally produced furniture also contributes to the cause.

Take rugs and carpets for example. Being a highly bought decor accessory worldwide, There are countless options to browse and select a carpet crafted in the most natural ways using recycled or naturally produced materials. At Obeetee Carpets, we understand the importance of preserving the planet for future generations. For the past 102 years, we have made sure to follow a sustainable approach at every step of our manufacturing process.

From using naturally produced fibers of the best quality like wool, cotton, and jute, to using artificially produced recycled polyester. We recycle around 5,40,000 pet bottles every month to create 6000kg of pet yarn. We use solar power for our energy needs and use rice husks during our dyeing process, reducing our carbon footprint to approximately 1,11,666 trees per year. Along with this, we have a proper water management system, aiding us to use recycled water at various steps of manufacturing and eventually irrigate the villages near our plant in Mirzapur after the eater is free from toxins. All of this is done while we craft exquisite, luxurious carpets of superior quality.

By now you might be wondering what are eco-friendly rugs. These are rugs created via various handcrafting techniques with sustainable materials like recycled polyester, jute, and other natural fibers.  At Obeetee Carpets, we provide you with a platform to buy sustainable rugs online. From traditional to contemporary, we have an eclectic collection of sustainable rugs for you. A few of them are-

  1. Bahaar Handwoven Recycled Polyester And Jute Rug- Our ode to the transitional sole inside you. The Bahaar Handwoven rug is the perfect addition to any living space. Creating a perfectly quiet atmosphere on a busy day, the rustic hues complemented by white add an elegant touch to the room. Crafted with recycled polyester and jute, this rug combines traditional and contemporary styles seamlessly. One of the best jute rugs online, the bahaar rug with its intricate design adds character and sophistication to the surrounding areas. Add a touch of sustainability with class to your homes with this rug.

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  2. Geometric Hand Loom Recycled Polyester Rug- With a combination of just two shades of blue and ivory, this rug is perfect for traditional as well as contemporary homes alike. Crafted using a carbon emission-free handloom technique using 100% recycled polyester, this rug is the epitome of the sustainable practice followed by us. The uniformity in design on its canvas makes this rug a perfect choice for homes that call for an understated makeover.

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  3. Varfi Hand Loom Recycled Polyester Rug- Hand-tufted with care using sustainable crafting techniques and 100% recycled polyester, the Varfi handloom rug is an eco-friendly creation by Obeetee. The perfectly aligned dotted weaves on its neutral shaded canvas give this rug an extremely unique appeal. Designed for modern homeowners, this rug appeals to people eyeing to create a sustainable and contemporary home.

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  4. Porticoo Hand Woven Woollen And Jute Dhurrie- If you looking to buy sustainable rugs online then you should make a stop to check out this rug. Crafted using natural fibers like wool and jute, the Porticoo dhurrie is a hand-woven masterpiece. The heavy knitting in subtle yet vibrant hues not only adds sophistication to your space but compliments it with a sassy touch. The use of wool makes the dhurrie durable and jute makes it breathable, keeping your room’s temperature cool.

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  5. Cabir Hand Loom Jute And Hemp Rug- With its simple design and cool color palette, the Cabir handloom rug adds minimalism to your space. Crafted using the most sustainable materials, jute, and hemp, this rug is a testament to our eco-friendly approach. With shades of brown and blue for its center weave and border with grey, the rug whispers sweet melodies of the times gone by.

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At Obeetee Carpets, sustainability is a way of life. It is the force that makes our rugs unique. Our carpets last generations & our sustainable practices ensure that the environment does too.