Rug and read - Creating a cosy nook in your home

Benjamin Franklin once said, “The person who deserves most pity is a lonesome one on a rainy day who doesn’t know how to read.”

Indeed, there is nothing that a good book can’t solve. Books help us live many lives in just a few moments. Not just this, but in the book world, time moves by faster than you’d imagine it would. There’s something about the beauty of words that you can’t quite experience through other mediums of entertainment, such as television, radio, or any social gatherings. Pick up a book, and it wraps itself around your heart and mind with its mighty conceit.

Rug and read- creating a cosy nook in your home

Oftentimes, there are some days or situations when we feel that it’s best to stay in. On those days, books hold your hand, and whisper to you like your dearest friend, “hey, want to hear a story?” To make this experience of reading all the more comforting and profound, we have got a few tips for you to create a zone for deep introspection in the heart of your home. These tips will make you not only inspire you to grab a nice book, but perhaps even motivate you to write your own!

In the spirit of inspiration and introspection, let us read on to know how you can create a cosy nook in your home using our carefully crafted rugs and cushions.

  1. Use chic textures

A warm knit blanket, a fringed throw pillow, a few cushions, and a plush rug underneath your feet is all you need to create a perfect corner in your room for those slow days. Find a corner in your space where you intend to create this zone, and ensure that you use stylish textures to bring an elevated feel. Fit some plants to your liking and it will be just like a cherry on top.

The Fantacy hand woven woollen Dhurrie from Obeetee Carpets would be just the rug for this aesthetic. The contrast of softer and darker shades of beige on its handwoven canvas instantly add a chic appeal to your space. Pair the setup up with Bukhara Slub Embroidered Cushion and pillow set and you’ve got yourself a perfect zone to relax, read, and unwind.

  1. Create a vintage vibe

A floral rug in pinkish shades, paired up with some white throws and pillows, with a hanging ceiling lamp are some of the most ideal elements that help create a perfect vintage aesthetic in your space. Vintage aesthetic is a reader’s dream as the mellow, understated, yet extremely pretty corner to curl up with a nice book. Pick a book from the primitive era, and you will surely transport to a world you’ve never been before, thanks to the corner that you’ve created for yourself in your home.

To create a perfect vintage inspired nook, you can check out the Gulmohar handloom block printed cushion cover from the wide cushion and pillows collection from Obeetee Carpets. If you want to pair up the beautiful floral cushions with a rug, go for the Contour handloom wool and cotton rug. It is a perfect choice if you want a rug that is modern, minimalistic, yet maintains the old world charm of vintage.

  1. Revamp your furniture

You cannot create a cosy corner without adding a nice, comfy chair. If you’ve gotten rather bored with a traditional 4 legged chair, find a chair that has no legs at all! Yes, you got it right. We’re talking about a hammock. Be it any genre of book you want to read in this corner, we’re sure it will sway you, quite literally as you curl in the comfy hammock that you’ve just hung in your space. The best part is that takes very little space, and provides a lot of comfort.

To make it cosier put a rug underneath that matches the colour scheme of your chair’s fabric and a cushion to support your back with, and you’ll be good to go.

  1. Outdoor zone

There’s nothing like picking up your favourite book and reading it in the natural air, especially since now we’re entering the colder, cosier days, it is a perfect time to create a reading corner in your balcony. We seldom put any furniture in our balconies, considering it like a place to just sometimes hover around. However, there are so many ways you can spruce up your outdoor spaces. Put a chair, or even a sofa, considering how much space is there in your balcony and adorn it with a throw and some cushions. Since you need to be prepared for the rainy days, it is best to refrain from using a rug. Focus as much as you can on making the sofa comfier. Poetise in the most romantic way with this cosy outdoor nook, and thank us later. If you want to explore some plush handcrafted cushions, visit

  1. Do away with chairs

Don’t have an extra chair, or extra space for one? Don’t worry! You can always create a nice floor setup with the help of a soft, durable, and elegant handcrafted rug. To support your back, you can always layer your rug with some nice contrasting cushions. The trick is always to put as many cushions as you deem enough to support every part of your body in every position you want to read your book.

Visit our wide range of cushions if you wish to explore some modern, traditional, or fusional designs for your home.

For a plush comfy rug underneath your feet a round rug could be perfect to create a cosy nook on your floor. You can explore some of these here:

For all the readers out there, we hope our tips and tricks gave you some creative ideas to bring some aestheticism to your space, and make your reading sessions all the more joyful. Now, you can pick your favourite author’s novel, and draw all kinds of worldly allegories with Obeetee Carpets.