Rug Restoration: Preserving the Past for the Future

In today’s world of commercialization, slight variations in products are either rejected or considered outlaws. Unlike products created by hand, machines can achieve perfection effectively and efficiently. The idea that machines can create products of the same quality over and over again in less time and at less cost is suitable for the world today. We as artisans partially agree to it. Automated things like cars and airplanes can be created accurately by machines but things that require detailing to the slightest element come out best when made by hand.

 Rug Restoration

Unlike machine-made items, Handmade Carpet products have that emotional connection with the craftsman. The finishing, the touch, and the feeling when you hold a handmade product can only be experienced. Each handmade product has a story. It comes from the home of an artisan residing in a village secluded in a corner of a village, crafted within his affection and care. While one handmade product may be custom-designed to be used in a specific event, the other can be for commercial purposes, but both would be unique and one of a kind. The only thing common between the 2 would be the humane connection.

Handmade is a trend that is centuries old. Since the dawn of time, from weapons to clothes, everything was handmade. In the museums today, you might find a lot of handmade products belonging to the olden times. While materials like stone, and metals can retain their strength, textiles like carpets need to be restored to be preserved for the future.

We at Obeetee Carpets have been crafting rugs by hand for over a century now. We understand the importance of this craft and with passion try our best to keep the culture of ‘handmade’ alive. We understand that each handmade product tells a story. It is because of these handmade treasures, restored by people and preserved in the museums today that we know so much about our past.

Restoration of rugs-

Restoration is a delicate art of preserving the past for the future. It’s a way of infusing life into a very old artifact and seeking information out of it. Furthermore, it is carried out to showcase the culture of the old world to the new one. With even a slightly better view, the information derived can change everything we might know of.

Restoring old handmade rugs is quite a process. A team of professionals set up a station with the necessary equipment. It is made sure that nothing that could contaminate or affect the health of the rug enters the station. The rug is then dusted and examined. Every inch is observed meticulously and later put aside for research. After seeking all the information, and coating the rug with preserving chemicals, the rug is securely handed over to the party in charge. If it's the government, the rug is placed in a museum as a cultural symbol of the country.

In case someone has a rug as a family heirloom, he can get it restored and add value and significance to his casa.


Although people restoring the rug are professionals, they still undergo a few challenges that cannot be handled easily. Sourcing is one of the biggest of them. After a proper analysis of the rug, a list of the materials required for restoration is made. This list might contain a few elements, compounds, and chemicals that might not be available easily. It is possible that it might not be available in the country. Thus, a high amount is required to source the materials.

Deciphering the motifs, the designs, the knotting style, etc, is another challenge. Since it belongs to the past, it can either be from an explored era or maybe something entirely different. Professions with a master's in history are the only ones who can derive information from such pieces.

The Rewards-

The reward of restoration is beyond aesthetics. It is the information that the rug provides about the cultures, traditions, and history of the country or the world. It no longer remains a rug but a valuable artifact that connects the past with the present and the future with the past. It's a bridge between the 3 tenses of time.

Furthermore, these rugs have a high value in the market. People often buy these rugs from antique stores or auctions carried out by the government to adorn their homes and add a piece of history to make it significant.

Obeetee Carpets is a century-old rug-making company. Our team of artisans includes families that have been hand-knotting carpets for generations. Each of our carpets are crafted using the best quality of materials. Our carpets, if taken care of properly, can be heirloom-worthy pieces that someday can be passed to future generations. This won’t just connect them with the present(their past) but also the pre-historic times as the designs adorning our carpets are inspired by the vintage era.

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As the clock kept on moving, modernization took over the world and the practice that was once common and practiced by the masses was taken over by machines. Handmade products are time-consuming and expensive. Mass-produced goods kept on coming as substitutes and slowly made these products uncommon.