Christmas with Obeetee Carpets

Every year winter comes. With it comes Diwali, reminding us that when life gets hard and everything feels cold, there’s always the warmth of loved ones, and the sweetness of festive delicacies to make everything better. And just one month after we are finished with the celebrations feeling a bit salty over the festive vibes coming to an end; Santa comes in all his might on his favourite sledge bearing our cherished gifts and reminds us that there’s more. Just coming merely 6 days before the New Year begins, Christmas is the perfect cherry on top of the cake of our memories, of all that we have lived, and an air of optimism for all that we are yet to live. The jingles, the carols, the ginger breads, the decorations, and if you live in a colder region, the snow- this is the essence of the day of Christ. No matter what culture we follow, there’s something about Christmas that binds us together. You could just sit at home with your loved ones baking, bring a Christmas tree to your home and decorate it with family, or you could invite some friends in and enjoy a few glasses of fine wine.

Christmas Obeetee Carpets

No matter what your Christmas plans are, one thing that remains true about the festival is that it instils a feeling of celebration in our hearts. If you’re feeling it too, this blog is just the read for you. We are here to give you a few tips and tricks on how to perfectly make your home Christmas ready with our hand tufted rugs this season. Let this be our little Christmas gift to you.

Cersei hand tufted- One look at the rich colour selection of this rug and you can already visualise yourself sitting in front of the fireplace and enjoying the cold yet cosy winter vibes of the season. A timeless style that takes its cues from traditional Persian design style, the Cersei hand-tufted rug is perfect festive rug that features an amber red backdrop with a large single medallion in green, brown, and yellow in the middle. It is enhanced by a broad border that surrounds it on all four sides, which is decorated with designs that capture the authentic Persian style. It is ideal for any indoor or outdoor setting as it is constructed with lustrous, fade-resistant, and durable material. So what are you waiting for? Grab this festive delight for your home décor.

The Masters hand tufted- This one is for those who do not like to go overboard with their aesthetic, but still want an added charm to their décor. If you like clean lines, geometrics, and warm yet vibrant tones for your festive interior, have no doubts about the Masters hand tufted rug. Featuring the evergreen geometrical motifs, this rug creates a vibrant atmosphere in your home. Hand-tufted by the finest artisans of Bhadohi, this rug is crafted using wool and cotton. Comes with high durability, the soft canvas of the carpet is adorned with multiple hues, making an abstract design. It is chic, it is modern, and it is a perfect festive statement. Add this rug in spaces where you wish to lend in a contemporary character.

Marinna Hand tufted- Red is the shade of the season and of the festive spirits of Christmas. If you’re looking for a red rug that rocks this aesthetic in a traditional way, take our advice and go for the Marinna rug. It’s a beautiful rug inspired by the Persian technique of hand knotting. Its pattern additionally features the medallions and floral vines inspired by the Persian style. Dressed in a vibrant red hue, the Marinna Rug exudes warmth and sophistication, creating a captivating focal point in any room.

Karim hand tufted- If you want to step away from the reds this season. Don’t worry we’ve got a hero trick for that too. Bring home the Karim hand tufted rug from our untitled collection. This is an abstract rug that features mostly a mixture of yellow, green, and greys, and its texture and the air of aestheticism that it provides to any space is something that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Place it under your Christmas tree, decorate with some fairy lights, place some gifts under the tree and voila! You’ve got yourself a perfect Christmas décor.

Dakarai hand tufted- When in doubt, pick an orange. No we don’t mean literally pick an orange from the tree. What we are trying to say is pick the Dakarai rug. It is an abstract hand tufted rug which can go with absolutely any kind of interior. Hand-tufted with care, this rug showcases a contemporary design with abstract art elements, adding a modern and artistic touch to your decor. Perfect for the winter season, the Dakarai rug creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere, adding warmth and style to your home during the colder months. It's the perfect choice to elevate your interior decor and create a comforting ambiance.

Tranquil hand tufted- Just as its name suggests, the tranquil rug is a perfect handcrafted wonder if you wish to bring something warm, elegant, and inviting to your space. It’s a perfect choice for every season, and has a unique but extremely festive vibe to it.With the intricate design and pattern, you can adorn your home this winter with themes of seasonal merriment. It features detailed line work illustrating the true festive vibes of the season. The pearl cream background paired with hints of blue accents is the perfect colour scheme for a light and airy winter scene. Made from our high-quality, fade-resistant, and durable low-pile Chenille material, this rug is a perfect adornment for you to ring in the Christmas as well as the New Year vibes. If you don’t believe us, explore it yourself on our website.

We hope you enjoyed reading our tips. Whether you bring home a rug from us or not, we wish that your home always exudes merriment, joy, and warmth in every season, and on every festival.

A very Merry Christmas from the Obeetee family to yours.