Our New Cushions Collection

Cushions on the couch, cushions on the bed, cushions on the chairs, with the decor that pair. Though this rhyme was completely unintentional, we are writing this blog to make our new set of cushions to be in rhythm with the decor of your home. Just like handbags and shoes are for a woman, handmade cushions are the same but for your home. While a lady can never have enough of these accessories, a home can never have enough cushions.

 New Cushions Collection

Handmade cushions are like marvels in the realm of decor that you’ll never know until you introduce them to your home. It is just crazy how these tiny decor accessories elevate the character of your huge furniture and lend your space elegance and aestheticism. This decor accessory is the way to give your home that oomph factor, in fact, probably the only decor item that is light on your pocket yet gives your home a rejuvenated look.

By now you might already be interested in at least having a look at handmade cushions and lucky for you, we have just so many of them. Made with the best quality materials, our collection features an array of designs versatile enough to blend in effortlessly with any decor style. However, this collection might leave you in a confusion. Not because you won’t like them, but you might love them all.

  1. Subtlety at its best- The recent decor trends focus on a minimalistic approach. It means that you don't want to be too much out there. Going for handmade cushions with light patterns and versatile colors will add that zeal of sophistication one often looks for in the interior of his home. Well, from several options, here are a few suitable to blend in a subtle interior.

    Crossline Cushion Cover, a neutral shaded cushion with a minimal block printed design is one such subtle piece. The gray hue makes it an epitome boasting of sophistication, adding aesthetics to your place. Place this cushion by the couch or pair it with your bedsheets, this cushion will match with anything because of its universal approach.

    To buy this cushion, visit- https://www.obeetee.in/products/crossline-block-printed-cotton-slub-cushion-cover

    Strypes Cushion Cover is a handwoven piece in our new set of cushions. It boasts of minimalism and versatility with its light design in even lighter hues. Designed to add a contemporary dash to your timeless interior, the cushion has been crafted using fine cotton. Once placed, the elegance and the beauty it adds to your space can only be experienced.

    The link to this handmade cushion- https://www.obeetee.in/products/strypes-woven-cotton-chambray-cushion-cover
  2. Vibrancy = Happiness- All of us have visited a kids' play zone at least once in our lives. Doesn’t the colorful atmosphere just liven up the place with happiness? Well, colors are associated with different emotions and vibrant shades signify happiness. Adding cushions with a design that features a vibrant color palette helps you induce a feeling of happiness into your space. Besides triggering your emotions, vibrant shades also go well with the solid walls and create a contrasting effect in your space.

    Sunflower Embroidered Cushion Cover- This is a vibrant cushion featuring a color palette that includes subtle creams, vibrant hues of yellow, and complementary shades of green, all combined together forming a sunflower. Multiple shades make this hand-embroidered cushion blend in effortlessly with your decor, inducing a jolly character in the atmosphere.

    Get this cushion here- https://www.obeetee.in/products/sunflower-embroidered-cushion-cover
  3. Bold patterns make a statement- While the entire place looks sophisticated because of the solid color walls, the furniture needs to be in sync with that. Placing cushions with bold patterns is the only way to make your decor give out a statement. This accessory with a bold pattern accentuates your space and makes the atmosphere pleasant. This also helps you to mix up the color and the texture scheme of your decor, in turn making a bold statement about your style.

    Angkor Digital Printed Cotton Slub Cushion Cover is a statement-making piece in our new set of cushions. Adorned with multiple hues with an all-over design pattern, the cushion adds balance to the simplicity of the decor and gives a contrasting effect with its timeless elegance. The use of cotton not only makes this cushion soft but also comfortable and long-lasting.

There are just a few out of the many cushions we have designed and crafted, especially for modern homeowners. If we set out to describe them all, we would go way past our monthly word limit for the blogs. Crafted with pure materials, from embroidered or oriented designs, bold to traditional and contemporary patterns, our new set of cushions is the perfect finishing touch required by your interior to become wholesome and complete.

If you wish to explore our new set of handmade cushions or seek more information, visit our website https://www.obeetee.in/ or any of our flagship stores.