Maximizing Small Spaces: Shaped Rugs for Apartments and Cozy Homes

Narrow halls and cozy bedrooms with a multipurpose modular kitchen by the living room are something that many people in metro cities have to live with. Yes, it can be a little hard to decorate small places but apart from decluttering the furniture and having white-washed walls here is another way to maximize the square footage and make your space look bigger. Roll out handmade rugs.

Shaped Rugs for Apartments and Cozy Homes

Interior design is about maximizing your space. Whether you have a small-sized condo or a tiny cozy house, there is always a need to make your space look bigger. Even though one might have a bigger house, there is always a room that the family wish was bigger. While removing the furniture wouldn’t do the deed, adding a rug in small places always brings the appearance up a notch.

Adding one decent-sized rug or maybe multiple small-sized shaped rugs in your small casa might add definition to your place. With all the spaces defined, each area of the house will stand out and make your space look bigger. Smaller rugs or rugs of different shapes can be placed easily. Their unique appearance and approach just draw the viewers' attention towards them, making them the limelight of your space.

Let's explore how to use shaped rugs to maximize small spaces-

  1. Use bold colors- Usually small spaces have solid white shaded walls to make the space look bigger. Using shaped rugs with bold colors will add life to the place. Just like a painting does on a wall, a shaped rug with bold hues will stand out as a statement-making piece, defining the area where it is placed and becoming the focal point.

    Amoeba Woollen And Cotton Rug is one such rug from our collection. Different in shape, and unique in color, this earthy-hued rug with a decent texture lends aesthetics to your space and makes it look tidy and bigger. Crafted using wool and cotton, the Amoeba rug is a durable yet comfortable piece designed for modern homes. Suitable in the small white spaces in your casa, the rug comes with a unique approach.

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  2. Tap the unusual factor- Square and rectangular shaped rugs are something people are habitual to. While round rugs are slowly entering that area as well, an unevenly shaped rug will do the deed for you here. Unusual is a concept that people are always attracted to. While the human eye is designed to ignore the usual things, the brain is immediately stimulated even if there is a slight change in the set-up. Plus, these rugs go well even if not placed properly as improper is a part of their charm.

    Cloud Woollen And Cotton Rug is a rug from our collection that comes with a charming character. The soothing colors of blue help create a soothing atmosphere while the design complements the surrounding areas. The use of wool and cotton has made this rug a durable and comfortable piece. The circle-in-a-circle and on-circle design make this rug the start of your space. You can place this rug under the coffee table or by the chair near the bed.

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  3. Pick oversized- The trend of the drip vibe has been booming in fashion. Since fashion and decor are somehow related, you can always go for an oversized rug for your space. Apart from adding continuity to your space, the rug will fill the entire borders of the room. This large spread will make the viewer’s eyes wider, making the room appear much bigger. If you are not using multiple rugs then going for an oversized rug might be a great option for you.

    Bar Woollen Rug is an oversized, hand-tufted piece from our collection curated for modern homes. The navy base with a grill design in white hues makes it a versatile option for any decor. Enough to cover the entire area of a small house, the carpet induces continuity and makes the room appear wider to the viewer. The use of wool makes this carpet a durable and comfortable piece for your house.

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  4. Create a Bridge- If you have two pieces of seating furniture facing one another you can place a rug in the middle covering only half of each article(only the front 2 legs). The rug will serve as a connection between the two and synchronize them, making the space look bigger. From the living room to the bedroom, you can create a bridge in any place of your home and make it look bigger.

    Dox Woollen Round Rug is a round-shaped rug from our collection. Slight bigger, enough to create a bridge, this hand-tufted rug comes with an elegant traditional design versatile to blend in any decor. Place this under the coffee table with the front 2 legs of the chairs on top and watch it work its magic.

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At Obeetee Carpets, you will get rugs of all shapes and sizes. In case we do not have something, you can always reach out to us and opt for our customization service and get yourself a custom-made rug only for you. Each of our rugs features a design that is suitable for the modern homes of today and durable enough to last long with minimal maintenance.


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