Choosing the Perfect Rug Material for City Living and High-traffic Areas

Brian and Zaya are a couple living in a studio apartment in the city's center. The other day they were browsing for new handmade rugs for their home. They came across a few options made with bamboo silk and ordered 2 of them, one for themselves and another for their parents' home in the countryside. Over the period they styled their handmade carpet in multiple ways, hosted a lot of guests, received a lot of praise, and answered a lot of inquiries regarding their purchase. A few years passed and they decided to visit their parents’ home. After their arrival, they noticed that the handmade rug was as good as new with minimal maintenance while their carpet started to look old and worn out despite seeking a professional carpet cleaning service every 2 months.

Choosing the Perfect Rug Material for City Living and High-Traffic Areas

Just like Brian and Zaya, you all might be wondering the reason behind this, well that is why we are here today. Every rug has its composition. While a handmade rug made with bamboo silk might not be durable enough for a high-traffic area like the city, it is perfect for places with low footfall like the countryside.

Every rug material has its properties. One may work well in the countryside even after hosting multiple guests but can wear off quickly even after bearing minimal traffic in the countryside. Today, many of us live in the city. It might be because of work, education, or any other reason. Life in the city is fast and hectic. Dust, pollution, and population are other things everyone has to worry about. It might seem that this information is irrelevant to the above situation but if you think like that, you are highly mistaken. These are nothing but factors that affect the health of your carpet. Thus, you need to look beyond the beauty and elegance while you are purchasing a handmade rug for yourself if you reside in a city or a high-traffic area(basically if you host a lot of guests).

Rug Materials suitable for High-Traffic areas

  1. Wool- Wool is like the Potato of rug materials. Irrespective of the place, the way of usage, if any other fiber it is combined with, or any other factor. Wool is a material that is breathable, durable, flame-resistant, and a pretty good insulator. Carpets made with wool can even last for generations when maintained properly. These carpets come with a thick pile. Each fiber of this material is thicker as compared to other material fiber strands. Initially, these carpets might shed a little but do not worry, those are just the extra fibers falling off.
    The thickness of the wool and an extra natural shiny coat make it the best material when it comes to rug making. Wool is also used to add strength to rugs made with other materials. It enhances the durability of the carpet within and lends you a thick plush underfoot.
  2. Flatweaves- We can't name one material under this category. It includes all the materials which remain flat even after being knit together. Cotton is one of the biggest examples. Durable and comfortable, rugs made with cotton are known for their easy clean properties and breathability.
    Moreover, other flat materials are durable too as each fiber is knotted so tight with the next one that they hardly shed or loosen up. These too are easy to maintain and machine washable. Rugs made with these materials provide you extra comfort even if you wish to sit on them directly.
  3. Jute- is another natural material with great durability and comfort. It is not only affordable but can also handle heavy foot traffic with ease. The mesh structure lets all the dust and debris just pass right through and with a single fluff your carpet will be as good as new. You might have to put in an extra effort while catering to stains but with hot water assisting you, it will be a piece of cake.
    Furthermore, the flat weave of jute makes it stick to the ground. The thin pile keeps your carpet in one place, so layering will be easy. The pollution might affect the temperature inside your house and thick materials might come in handy in winter to retain the heat but during the extremely hot summer months, jute rugs will be your best friends.
  4. Synthetic materials- like polyester and viscose are also durable and comfortable options. While Polyester resembles woolen material, viscose has a thick pile along with a silky texture, nothing giving you the feel of luxury at an economical price.

At Obeetee carpets you will get a plethora of options to choose from. From the most luxurious material to the one suitable for your pocket, we have a handmade rug of every fiber. If you are looking for one crafted with New Zealand wool or one from cotton sourced from the most fertile fields in the country, we have everything. Each of our materials is thick and durable, suitable for high-traffic areas, and withstand the factors in the city.

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