5 Creative Ways to Use Our Rugs

You head out to purchase it after hours of research, and you become extra selective while choosing the right one. With a lot of excitement, you get it shipped to your place and pay a huge amount for it. You introduce it to your home with the utmost care and enthusiasm, you watch it work its magic as it adds life to your home. You lay it on the floor and present it to your guests as it enhances your home’s personality. You never get sick and tired of getting compliments and catering to the inquiries regarding your purchase. With pride, you accept the attention and feel so good- all because of a handmade carpet.

There is no such thing as too much praise, the more the better. What if we tell you a few hacks of using your handmade carpet that can get you much more attention and applause? Haha, we can feel that you are already intrigued! Creativity is the key to innovation. While placing a handmade carpet in the right place with the right accents enhances your home, there is more than one way to use a handmade rug.

We are listing a few that we can think of but it is your rug and it is your home, you can DIY your ideas and be as creative and innovative as you can be.

  1. The basic floor placement- You might be thinking that we just said that we’d tell you creative ways but then why is the 1st one the all-time common way of using rugs? Well, the placement is the same but the style is different. Instead of placing the handmade rug underneath the seating area, you can create a bridge between the 2 seating furniture items. Place only the front legs of both items on the carpet and place a small table in the middle, giving a vivid look of a bridge.

    Another way of placing rugs on the floor is layering. This can be done with a twist too. Make sure to set a base with a solid rug and place an uneven cut patch of an old rug on the base. This unusual shape will get the attention of your guests, highlight your creativity, and lend your space a unique charm.
  2. Cover your stairs- Stairs are often marked as transitional spaces, they are the pathways that connect different parts of your home and often soothe the change from one mood to another. If you are sitting in the living room and wish to go to the bedroom upstairs, the decor of the staircase helps your mood to slowly transition from the jolly vibe of the living area to the cozy and intimate one of the bedroom. While placing a rug covering the entire staircase is an option, try placing rug patches on each step. This will help you add modern aesthetics to your space and give you a plush pile in case you bump your toe.
  3. Wall it up- Each room in your house has a designer wall with the other 3 complementing it with a contrast. Maybe instead of getting one painted, you can hang a rug and use it as the backdrop. Another option for placing it on the wall is to use it as a tapestry. Instead of hanging a painting, nail a rug patch or a small rug on the wall near the area where you wish to create the focal point. In case you have a shelf with all your awards, hand a rung above to create a contrasting effect and draw the guests' attention toward the shelf.
  4. More than Just Rugs- Once the handmade carpet gets a little old, people often set to replace it. They simply buy another carpet and dispose of the old one. They forget about the amount it cost and the beauty it still had hidden within. One way of using these handmade rugs is to turn them into other things.
    Create pillow covers, measure the carpet and cut them, stitch them up, and cover entire pillows. This might sound like a lot of work but it isn’t. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps and your furniture will be adorned with timeless beauty. Another way is to cut the leftover pieces into small coasters. Elegant and sustainable, these coasters will not just be coasters but small accents adding grace to your table. Ever heard of carpet chairs? We haven’t either but we can easily bring them into reality by getting our handmade carpet dry-cleaned and nailing it on a pair of chairs to create new traditional pieces of furniture.

    Handmade carpets have a very strong and durable material, reusing them in different ways will make your stuff last longer along with adding elegance and aestheticism.
  5. A rug out of rugs- Cut out equal stripes from the rugs you are bored of or might not use again. Stitch them together to create an entirely new rug. This rug will have the unmatched beauty and essence of each of your rugs, adding uniqueness to the area where it is placed. This might sound unrealistic but trust us, we are talking with the experience of more than a century.

Well, these are a few ways we’d suggest you try, however, you are free to come up with your creative ways to use handmade carpets at your place. At Obeetee Carpets you will get a rug for every way you wish to use. From shaped rugs to customized options, from swatches to oversized rugs we have one available for all your needs. Crafted with the best quality materials, designed by highly trained professionals for the modern homeowners of today, each of our rugs has been crafted by experienced artists of Bhadohi.

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