Why are handmade cushions expensive?

Haven’t you ever been in a situation where you felt that you had to take matters into your own hands instead of someone else or a machine doing it for you? If you are thinking yes, then you already know what the human hands are capable of.

Effort, dedication, hard work, and perfection are a few words that describe handmade products. A handmade item is not only graceful but is proof of the creator’s creativity and efforts. Traveling from the house of an artisan in a secluded village somewhere, made with pure affection, dedication, and inspiration, designed with the slightest attention to detail, achieving unmatched perfection, every handmade product has a story. Boasting beauty and elegance, these handmade products when added to your collection do nothing but get you compliments. Be it a piece of clothing, a painting, or any decor accessory, a handmade product comes with a cost.

handmade cushions expensive

It’s a fact that purchasing a handmade item might take a toll on your pocket, but in the long run, these things last long. In the olden times, everything was handmade, and proof of their durability lay preserved behind glass doors in museums all across the globe. Handmade, now a rare concept, handmade was a thing before machines took over the labor work. Now, it is just a concept targeted towards people who are willing to get the extra-ordinary by spending the extra-ordinary. First handmade rugs, we, Obeetee Carpets have now introduced handmade cushion covers. Though much smaller in size as compared to our carpets(obviously), these come with quite a value. You might have a simple question to our statement, “Why?” Well, let's answer that for you.

  1. The material- One of the greatest factors affecting the MRP of our cushions is the fine material we use. If you want the best, you have to spend the best. Cushions in our collection have been crafted using the best quality materials, sourced from the most fertile fields in the country. From silk to wool, each of our cushions is made using naturally occurring fibers. This enables the cushion to highlight the design on its canvas, lend grace and elegance to your decor, and also give comfort to your back. The use of these materials ensures that our cushions last long and make you feel that the money was worth spending.
  2. The Method- The answer is in the name of the item, Handmade. Anything that is made by hand takes up a lot of time and effort. And in today’s world, time is money. A handmade cushion cover is full of delicate touches. Since it features ornate patterns, it requires details at every knot to achieve perfection. No machine is designed to craft such detailed work. Just like a handmade carpet can take upto months, a handmade cushion takes a proportionate time according to its size.
  3. The design- If it were ordinary, it would have been printed or knit by a machine. Handmade cushions from our collection feature designs inspired by all realms of life. From floral motifs to traditional ornate patterns, every design requires attention to the smallest detail. We assure you that each thread is at the right spot.
  4. The authenticity- Though we have a family of weavers beside our factory in Mirzapur, we actively collaborate with local artisans and weavers all across the globe to ensure authenticity. Call it our ethics or dedicated customer service, all we aim for is to provide you with your money’s worth. Our Nagalore cushion collection is one such example. Inspired by the naga shawl weaving technique from Nagaland, all the cushions in this collection were crafted by the local weavers of the area. Presenting unmatched elegance, along with a north-eastern reflection, each cushion features a design suitable for the modern homes of today.

Handmade cushions are like wonders in the realm of decor. They not only complement your furniture but also help you create an unmatched aura in your space. Place these beside the coffee couch on the bed or maybe on individual seating furnishings, these cushions just brighten up the surrounding space along with inducing comfort.

Among many, these are a few reasons that justify the pricing of our handmade cushions. At our shop, you will find cushions of all categories. Apart from the Nagalore collection, we have recently launched an entire set of cushions, With more than 100 options, you will find exactly what you might be looking for. In terms of design, we have traditional, floral, boho, chic, and contemporary. In terms of material, you will have a variety of options to browse through. Each cushion is durable and comes with a long life if maintained properly.

If you wish to know more about our cushion collection, browsing through our blog section might be a good idea. For more information visit our website https://www.obeetee.in/ or any of our flagship stores.