Rugs by Shripal Munshi

Creators, poets, writers, artists, and anyone who is into any art form are always seeking inspiration. With inspiration, it is possible to create something that would make a difference. Artists have a unique thinking style, what might seem like a simple rainshower to you, is an emotion, a beautiful gift given to them by Mother Nature to create something extraordinary. 


The beautiful open lands when you are on a train journey, the reflection of a snowy mountain in a lake, a sunset between two buildings, the shifting sand dunes, the top view of a city you get from the metro, and many other architectural wonders. You might be recalling all these flashes as you read them, but also wondering what a carpet brand is referring to all this. Well, be ready to be astonished because you can adorn your homes with the beauty of all these marvels with our new collection of rugs designed by Shripal Munshi.


Inspired by the unexpected things that surround us, this collection is a wonder in itself. Crafted using top-quality of wool, viscose, cotton, and other high-grade fibers, the carpets in this collection are durable, available in multiple sizes and lend your spaces a character that you might have never explored before. From the reflection of a building to psychedelic fragments, from basic construction rods to beautiful sceneries, these carpets feature an abstract representation of all these sights.

This set of carpets by Shripal Munshi is like a visual serenadation. Though most designs are ideal for contemporary homes it doesn’t matter much. All these carpets portray natural elements in universal shades, versatile enough to induce transitional aesthetics to every decor style.


Let’s explore a few of the rugs from the collection-


  1. Amidst The Mist Hand Tufted Woollen And Cotton Rug- Imagine being a hitchhiker stuck in the stormy climate in the forests of Kodaikanal and looking up to the sun for directions. Though this sight might be a little scary you have to accept that it would be beautiful too. The same sight adorns the Amidst the mIst rug canvas from this collection. Hand-tufted with wool and cotton fiber of the best quality, this carpet comes in monochromatic shades to blend in any decor style. Place this rug by the seating area and watch it add dense aesthetics to the room's character.

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  2. The Masters Hand Tufted Woollen And Cotton Rug- Add vibrancy like the wonderland to your space with our Masters rug designed by Shripal Munshi. Featuring geometrical motifs in multiple shades, this hand-tufted rug is made using wool and cotton. The soft canvas when placed in your living space just elevates the aura with a wave of joyfulness. The perfect squares add definition to your place and make it look tidy.

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  3. Majestic Mirror Hand Tufted Woollen And Cotton Rug- Justifying its name, his rug is Majestic and so is its inspiration. An abstract mirror image of the snowy mountains of North India on the glacier flowing by makes this bold rug suitable to add balance to a minimal-themed decor. The dominant blue shades fill your space with a soothing atmosphere while the bold design becomes the focal point. Suitable for contemporary homes, the majestic mirror hand-tufted wool and cotton rug gives your home a “majestic” look.

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  4. Serenity Weave Hand Tufted Woollen And Cotton Rug- Have you ever looked down from an airplane window while you are flying post-sunset? Doesn’t it look beautiful, how the entire city lights seem like small stars illuminating the sky? Well, you can now get that sight on a carpet canvas on a hand-tufted canvas. Our serenity weave carpet is a beautiful piece designed by Shripal Munshi portraying the same majestic sight. Crafted using wool and cotton, the carpet is soft and comfortable and comes with high durability. Multiple shades adorning the dark canvas just pop out and make the design even more graceful when placed in a contemporary home.

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  5. Psychedelic Fragments Hand Tufted Woollen And Viscose- The dark-light combination of this rug designed by Shripal Munshi allows you to add subtlety to your living space. Inspired by the Psychedelic Fragments, the rug is reminiscent of the aftersights one might see after being intoxicated. While it might give you goosebumps you have to admit that it is intriguing and beautiful. The use of wool and viscose not only makes the rug durable but also makes it a long-lasting piece. Suitable for a contemporary home the rug has a unique personality.

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While these are just a few, there are a lot more designs in this new collection. Visit our website and learn more about the collection.