Incorporating Bamboo Silk Rugs in Modern Interiors: Suggest design ideas and styles that pair well with bamboo silk rugs

In today’s world, people do not have time. Time is more like money at present. Earlier if you had to book a train ticket, you had to go to the railway station, stand in a queue, and then purchase one. But today, you can simply get a ticket with just a single click of a button on your mobile phone. Hence, we learn that modern problems require modern solutions. Be it the realm of e-commerce education or home decor, a quicker and better solution is available for everything in the contemporary world today.

People in this modern world are much more aware than the previous generations used to be. Due to the changing climate, sustainability has become a major issue. Thus, everything people are doing nowadays falls into a sustainable category. From e-vehicles to suitability-made textiles, people have started to care about the future. All people want are environment-friendly options, even home decor accessories like rugs and carpets.

However, people aren’t willing to spend much, there are only a few % whose pockets allow them to do so in this expensive market. In the evolving world of decor, all one seeks is luxury and uniqueness but often steps back thinking about the toll on his pocket. What if we tell you that there are carpets, made with a particular material that not only is sustainable but has an elegance like silk, durability like other natural materials, and exudes grace? Intrigued right, well let's dwell and discover what it is and how rugs made from this material add aesthetics to modern homes.

The material category of rugs we are talking about is made with Bamboo silk. It is no no-brainer to understand that bamboo silk is made with bamboo. Eco-friendly and sustainable, this material has a softness similar to pure silk and comes with average durability.

Details about Bamboo Silk-

Crafted after extracting cellulose and making a thick paste out of it. Followed by a few other steps that include drying and separating, fine silk-like threads are created, which are later hand-spun into twisted fibers. Later these twisted fibers undergo washing and dying followed by the process of crafting the carpet. The twisted yarn allows you to create a unique color variation. Since the fiber is twisted, the color does not reach some parts of the bamboo silk yarn, in turn giving you an additional USP of having a naturally multi-shaded carpet.

Rugs crafted with Bamboo silk require a mild level of maintenance. These are pocket-friendly and are a good alternative to silk rugs. In terms of durability, the rugs made with this material are suitable for mild traffic areas. However, when used in fusion with other natural fibers like wool and cotton, these rugs can withstand high footfall.

Ideas to style Bamboo silk rugs-

In our collection, we have a range of options that you can choose from. From abstract designs to transitional ones, solids with a texture to completely patterned ones, our bamboo silk rugs are crafted with dedication and attention to the slightest detail. Infused with other materials too, these rugs from Obeetee Carpets are comfortable, highly durable, and require minimal maintenance.

  1. A minimalistic harmony- Bamboo silk rug in shades of gray, blue beige, and other versatile hues help add that missing touch to your minimal-themed decor. These carpets act like icing on the cake and induce a sense of completion to your interior.
    Devushka Hand Knotted Wool, Bamboo Silk, and Cotton Rug is one such piece from our collection. The rustic beige color of this rug induces warmth in your spaces. Crafted using a fusion of wool and cotton with bamboo silk, the carpet comes with enhanced durability and comfort.

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  2. Stand out bold- It's become a stigma that modernity is all about minimalism. However, little do people know that it is necessary to maintain the visual balance in your space. Due to the color variations, the bamboo silk rugs might come out a little, thus inducing them in simpler areas will help you create that balance.
    Scoresby Hand Knotted Wool, Bamboo Silk, and Cotton Rug is a bold choice that you could go for from our eclectic collection of bamboo silk rugs. Crafted using the addition of wool and cotton, this durable piece beholds a captivating web-like pattern on a plain base in shades of red, ideal to be introduced in a minimal living space decor.

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  3. Add in nature- While floral motifs or ones featuring animal structures on the canvas help you induce that touch of nature in your spaces, you can adorn your homes with various elements of nature like the slight ripples you see after throwing a stone in the water. The twisted fibers of Bamboo silk help create that effect effortlessly on solid-shaded rugs and let you add aesthetics to your modern spaces.
  4. The sustainable home- Nowadays, many people have adopted the approach of sustainability. From solar panels for their energy needs to use a proper water filtration system, they have created their basic homes to green homes. Thus, this modern approach requires a sustainable rug. Bamboo silk rugs not only help these homeowners make a statement but also educate their guests in actively contributing towards a sustainable future. After all, even the smallest of steps make a difference.

Incorporating bamboo silk rugs into modern interiors is a design choice that combines elegance with sustainability. These rugs are versatile and can feature a myriad of designs, from minimalistic majesties to bold statements and nature-inspired marvels. By selecting the right design that resonates with the theme of your interior, you can elevate the modern aesthetics of your living space

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