Bamboo Silk vs. Bamboo Viscose Rugs

Leo Messi has conquered football. A small little boy from Rosario, Argentina is now the world champion. Though he said he’ll be retiring after the 2022 FIFA World Cup, he changed his statement to “I want to play as a world champion”. We are wondering the same thing you are, why are you reading about sports on the website of Obeetee Carpets? Well, we got your attention hooked, so now let's talk about rugs.

In the realm of decor, every choice is nothing but a creative work of art. It resonates with the charm and the aesthetic of your personality and helps you add a personal touch to your interior. While you are deciding what type of accents you wish to adorn your homes with, rugs and carpets top the list. It wouldn't be the 1st time that we tell you that a carpet is the base of any interior. Thus, make sure to pick the right rug for your space.

Though wool, silk, cotton, and polyester are commonly used to curate these handcrafted miracles, Bamboo silk, and viscose have been garnering quite a reputation as luxurious choices for rugs. Both materials boast of a sense of sophistication and elegance. Durable and comfortable, rugs crafted from these materials lend aestheticism to your space. However, as professionals, we must tell you the difference between the two, so you homeowners can make the right choice. Let's dwell on the details of both.

Viscose Rugs-

Viscous rugs are beautiful and elegant additions to any home. Made from wood pulp and cellulose waste products, viscose is like Rayon fiber. After undergoing thorough processing, the final threads come out to be soft, shiny, and durable. Budget-friendly and light on your pocket, this material comes with a unique texture. The silk-like feel of viscose lends the rugs an aesthetic character that is unmatched.

However, these rugs are prone to shedding, and require some amount of care to keep them maintained.

The pros and cons are as follows-


  • Compared to other materials, these rugs are affordable. A much larger size of a viscose rug can be bought at the price of a much smaller natural fiber rug.
  • The soft canvas. It is one of the unique features of this fiber. Reminiscent of silk, the carpet canvas is a treat to set foot upon.
  • The ability of viscose to mold into any design is fascinating. From traditional to modern, viscose rugs are available in the market in all design styles.


  • Shedding is a drawback of viscose rugs. These rugs tend to shed a little and require a constant vacuum run every week to remove the loose fibers. Make sure to use a low suction bar to prevent the carpet from getting damaged.
  • Individually viscose is not as durable as other materials. However, when infused with wool or polyester, it tends to get some strength and ability to withstand slight wear and tear.
  • Due to shedding and slightly reduced durability, these rugs require constant care and attention to work long-term. In case there is a wine spill, you are in for a heavy ride to remove that unlike wool and cotton.

Bamboo Silk Rugs-

As the world is stepping towards a sustainable future, Bamboo silk has become the hottest trend in the rug market these days. It is nothing but a blend of viscose with bamboo stalks. Easy to grow and manufacture, this material is known for its elegance and silk-like texture. Soft and beautiful rugs crafted with this material sometimes give more of an expensive look than natural silk.


  • Blends easily with materials like cotton and is a great component in non-pile woven fabric.
  • Rugs crafted with this material are lightweight, and shiny and add charm to your spaces.
  • Easy to clean, bamboo silk rugs are like a superior version of viscose.


  • Stains are enemies of bamboo silk rugs. While light spills can be removed with some effort, heavy spills might take a toll on you. The carpet canvas may retain a light stain even after heavy cleaning.
  • Fibers might be prone to crashing if used individually. You might have to think twice if you ever plan to place a bamboo silk rug in a high-footfall area.
  • Though not much as compared to viscose rugs, bamboo silk rugs do require some attention and dedication to maintain their longevity.

Both materials have their pros and cons. Read through the blog carefully once again before deciding the type of rug material you want to introduce to your space. At Obeetee Carpets, we have a variety of options for both categories. Infused with natural fibers for high durability and comfort, viscose and bamboo silk rugs from our collection feature designs of all categories. Whether you wish to buy a traditional rug or a contemporary solid, we have several durable and sustainable options for you.

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