Rugs For Weddings

A wedding is an overwhelming yet enchanting celebration. It’s a celebration of love, laughter, and all the magical moments you’ve cherished with your partner and promise each other to do so in the future. It’s a day when dreams take shape, statements become promises and you are knotted together for eternity. In every sense, this joyous occasion is special and fueled by emotions and traditions that hitch generations.

Rugs For Weddings

During this grand celebration, the stage particularly where the bride and the groom are standing becomes a focal point. Not only is the backdrop adorned with an entire valley of flowers but the decorators bring out their best game while making it aesthetic. Similarly, the aisle, the area from where the bride walks up to the stage has to be distinguished from every other space in the hall not only to gather the attention of everyone around but also because the steps taken in this space are the transitional space of a girl becoming someone’s wife.

Though flowerbeds are a good option to segregate these spaces, one might think that they are pretty common by now. This is where carpets come into play. Ceremony aisles lined with rugs are the perfect decorative detail for aesthetic-seeking pairs. Whether you're tying the knot indoors or out, there's a way to incorporate these homey, comforting, colorful textiles into your nuptials.

For a large space, consider layering a variety of different rugs down the length of your aisle. You can find options in colors that coordinate with your venue and flower decoration, or maybe you can go in a different direction entirely, and create a splash of fun and vibrancy with colorful textiles. You can also give your space an at-home vibe by adding Persian rugs. If you like what you see here, keep going—we found multiple ways to use rugs in your wedding ceremony.

  1. Runner for the aisle- It doesn't matter whether you are getting married indoors or outdoors, sometimes there is a need to make the space clear and creative for the bride to walk by. In this setting, keep the chairs facing towards the stage and aligned with the runner. To add that true boho feel, walk barefooted on the carpet canvas for those graceful candids and elegant foot shots.
    Beshir Hand Knotted Woollen Runner is one of our eclectic pieces that can be used in this setting. Vibrant hues red patterned with dense blacks perfectly complement the bride’s wedding dress/lehenga. Hand-knotted using wool of the finest quality, the carpet adds grace to the entire setting and gives the bride a plush pile to walk upon.

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  2. Layering- Another way to create the aisle as a focal point is to use multiple rugs. Be it an open ground or a hall indoors, place multiple rugs at different angles, after all, people are attracted to the unusual. Layering will help you create a wonderland for the bride as she takes each step toward her groom standing on the stage. Every few steps on a new carpet will help her relive her entire life as she transcends into a new one.
  3. Seating areas- Indian weddings are like festivals. The variety of food there is more than the no. of people invited. Thus, to avoid confusion, create a separate seating area for each type of cuisine. Placing a few tables on a vibrant rug can be the fruit chart zone, while something subtle can be placed by the drinks counter. The entire dinner hall on the other hand can be adorned with similar rugs with different rugs. This won’t just create a perfect contrast in the room but will help people find their tables easily.
  4. The wedding stage- The stage is the start of the shoe. That’s the place where the happy couple is seated and is surrounded by flashy lights, cameras, and guests. All the wedding memories are captured there. Like in Western cultures, the rings are exchanged and the ceremony takes place on the stage, in India, the ‘Jaimala’ ceremony takes place on the stage. While the entire set-up looks graceful, a handmade carpet would just add the final touch to the aesthetics.
    Tabeer Red Hand Knotted Silk And Woollen Rug- A beautiful, elegant, and statement-making piece from our designer collection. Designed by world-renowned designer, JJ Valaya, this is a fine hand-knotted piece with the best quality of wool and silk. Shades of red perfectly complement the Indian traditions while the unique Jamawar-inspired patterns add elegance.
  5. The Mandap- The place where the couple sits in prayer and takes their vows, the place needs an extra bit of comfort. Since the couple and the priest have to sit there for a few hours, it is a good idea to add a hand-made carpet underneath. These small carpets distinguish the seating area for the couple from the rest of the crowd.
    Upasana Hand Knotted Woollen And Viscose Rug from our pooja room collection is suitable for these religious nuptials. Comfortable, warm, and durable, the Ouji patterns in the beautiful jewel tones of this rug are synonymous with jharokhas bordering temples and places of worship.

There you have it, creative ways to incorporate rugs into your wedding.

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