Our New set of Reversible Kilims

We doubt that there would hardly be any people who would not raise their hands when it comes to liking discounts or getting more but at the same price. Even in a market, one might glance at a store that he/she doesn’t like if there is some kind of offer or a deal that might look like a money saver. Irrespective of our pockets, we are always looking for an investment that will be a benefit to us. While buying electronics, we research the market regarding the credit card that will get us the maximum cashback or the lowest interest rate. While buying property, one analyzes the future price rise and only then makes the payment. We even look for a gift when we order food online. Imagine the same thing in the realm of decor. As unimagined as it might seem, it is alright to accept you are intrigued.

Our New set of Reversible Kilims

While paintings, artifacts, and other accessories are easily available in decor stores at affordable prices, a good carpet might take a toll on your wallet. Getting a good quality carpet at affordable prices was a dream until the new set of kilims from Obeetee Carpets. As simple as it sounds, these kilims come with surprise. Before we make you dwell in our collection, let’s learn a little about kilims.

The word Kilim originates from the Turkish region and means pileless textile, where it indicates the pile’s density as it is crafted using a flat weave technique. Usually woven using 2 sets of yarn on a manual handloom, both kept horizontally and vertically respectively. Once the threads of both looms are entwined completely, the kilim is ready for the finishing touches. It is during this stage that the artisans start inserting elements to give a colorful motif to the canvas.

Kilim rugs are like potatoes. They mix well with every decor and can be customized in any design one wants. These infuse your space with vibrancy, presenting a unique category that effortlessly becomes the focal point. Featuring a flat weave adorned with geometric designs in vibrant hues, these rugs bring a sense of balance and subtlety to your surroundings. Ideal for enhancing your decor with a boho flair, the harmonious combination of lively shades and symmetrical patterns adds a touch of orderliness, elevating the overall aesthetic of your space.

Now that we have an idea about kilims, let us unfold the secret of our new set. These kilims are Reversible. Yes, just like customized jackets and blazers provide you with 2 styles in one, our new set of kilims offers you 2 carpets but in one, thus, these are money savers. We understand that it might be hard to believe but that’s who we are, Obeetee Carpets, rugmakers to add life and magic to your home.

  1. Fahad Recycled Cotton Reversible Kilim- The earthy tones forming a striped pattern on the recycled cotton canvas of the Fahad rug make it a traditional accent to your space. The vintage color palette enhances the versatility of the rug, making it a great addition to your home. In case you are bored and wish to change the look of your space, you can simply flip the rug onto the other side and give your decor a rebirth. The Dark-light combination is also reversed when you do so, actually enhancing the aura and aesthetics in your space.

    Know more about this rug- https://www.obeetee.in/products/fahad-recycled-cotton-kilim
  2. Arya Recycled Cotton Reversible Kilim- Featuring a semi-traditional yet abstract pattern on a recycled cotton canvas, the Arya is another reversible kilim from our collection. Featuring a dark-light color combination in shades of blue, yellow, and white, the kilim helps create a minimalistic and subtle aura in your space with its light side and induces a bold character through its dark side. Crafted for the modern homeowners of the day, it comes with a printed design. This versatile kilim is a contrasting piece from our collection, designed for contemporary spaces.

    Get this rug here- https://www.obeetee.in/products/arya-recycled-cotton-kilim
  3. Maharani Recycled Cotton Reversible Kilim- With royalty in the name, the rug needs no explanation of the aura it will create in your space. With bright yellow and reds on one side, the rug boasts of queen-like elegance, and with dense dark shades on the other, the rug lets you create a dense yet charming elegance in your space. Reverse the recycled cotton canvas according to your mood and transform your home into an aesthetical sanctuary.

    Know more about this rug- https://www.obeetee.in/products/maharani-recycled-cotton-kilim
  4. Infinity Recycled Cotton Reversible Kilim- Get 2 transitional rugs in one only with our Infinity Kilim. Reversible, durable, and aesthetic in its appeal, the kilim is made using recycled cotton. The dark-light combination of both sides lends the rug a charismatic aura, making it a unique addition to your space. Add magic and divinity to your space with ease with this reversible rug.

    For more information, visit- https://www.obeetee.in/products/infinity-recycled-cotton-kilim
  5. Metric Recycled Cotton Reversible Kilim- Traditional in appearance but contemporary in nature, the Metric is a dual-style rug from our collection. Crafted using recycled cotton, this rug makes it easy to update your seasonal decor by simply flipping it over. While one side exudes a dense aura, ideal for the winter days, the other makes up for the summer months with its light shades.

    Know more about this rug- https://www.obeetee.in/products/metric-recycled-cotton-kilim

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