Customizing Your Space with Bespoke Rugs

Customization is not just a trend but more. It’s the ideology that brings to light an individual's creativity. It’s more of an opportunity than a service provided by brands, allowing the customers to break free from the chains of mass-produced designs and get something for themselves that lets them express themselves freely and reflects their personality.

Customizing Your Space with Bespoke Rugs

In the dynamic realm of interior design, customization is a strong tool. It allows individuals to step across the boundaries of standard decor trends followed by the masses and do something of their own to stand out as unique. Customization also helps you realize that your home is not just a physical space, it is a canvas waiting to be adorned with the colors and textures that resonate with your soul.

At Obeetee Carpets, we handcraft rugs for the world. Ranging from rugs made by different crafting techniques, and featuring different motifs, styles, and color palettes, each of the rugs adds life to your home. We recognize the significance of infusing living spaces with a personal touch, elevating them from mere walls and reflecting the aesthetics of your personality. Apart from providing a plethora of options listed in our catalog, we offer you a customization service.

How it all works-

  1. Send us your design- Your journey of getting a custom-made rug begins here. All you have to do is send us some inspiration, a sketch, or anything that relates to your desired design. Now the magic begins, our team of designers translate your design into the language of carpets. With just a few more intricate details like what type of weave and the color palette would be suitable for your design, we present to you a vision of your creativity.
  2. Spinning and dying- Based on the finalized design, the type of weave, and the material, we send the yarns to the dying center, following the process of making threads and getting them assembled. This process can be a little complex, thus it needs to be done precisely to achieve the exact color you wish for your carpet to be.
  3. The weaving- After the yarns are ready to be knit together, the threads are sent to the loom. This is the place where highly skilled artisans, working with us for generations, work their magic. In case you wish to get a hand-knotted carpet, the threads are sent to the home of the artisans, where the carpet is woven over time. Each thread woven represents a story being written, a story reflection of your personality, combined by the dedication, and hard work of the artisan. The custom-made rug won’t just be floor covering or a tapestry for your place but a product with sentimental importance.
  4. We do suggest that for customers who are confused about the design type, style, and other technicalities relevant to getting a custom-made rug, we actively help you. Our team of experts analyzes the floor plan of the area where you wish to incorporate the rug and recommends multiple designs suitable for your interior. This service not only ensures that your custom rug not only aligns with your taste but also enhances the overall aesthetic of your home.
  5. It’s your rug- After immense hard work and dedication, meticulous craftsmanship, and designing your custom-made rug are ready to be introduced to your home. While the rug is designed to match the aesthetics of your existing interior, a few complimenting accents will always work as enhancing aspects. However, it is your rug and it depends upon you, how to make it shine.

Apart from opting for a customization service from scratch, we also offer you a service where you can get one customized for your home from our catalog. In case you like a design but not its weave, or maybe a rug that you need to get resized for your home, we are always up for offering our services.

Customizing your space with a specially made rug gives you the benefit of stepping beyond the boundaries of traditional decor trends. It assures you of standing out of the box and adds a personal touch to your home. Apart from all the compliments, it induces a sensitivity in your space, making the guest feel that your place is an extension of your personality.

Additionally, your personalized rug is crafted with the highest quality materials and attention to detail, guaranteeing you a product that not only looks stunning but also stands the test of time.

In a world where the mass is dominant, custom-made rugs allow you to elevate your interior with something that only you have. At Obeetee Carpets, we are committed to crafting rugs for you using the best quality raw materials to make them durable enough to stand the test of time. We aim to craft rugs that last generations and make the aesthetics of your home look unique, inducing life to your home.

For more information, visit the blog section on our website, the customization page of Obeetee Carpets, or any of our flagship stores across the country.