Rugs for dining spaces

There have been vehement debates over carpets in the dining room. To have them or not? A question among many homeowners has been flooding our inboxes for a long time. Our answer is pretty simple, it's all a matter of choice. However, it’s always better to have a rug under the dining table.

Rugs for dining spaces

Dining areas are like decorative accents to your home itself. They are like centerpieces in your interior. An area for having a timely supper, a place of relaxation and gossip, this space is multi-functional. While the exquisite dining furniture does everything for the place, it is more of a duty to make the dining area stand out. To infuse this place with a zesty vibe, lending it some tranquility and color, placing a rug under the dining table is better than a smart choice.

In case you choose not to have a rug in the dining spaces, we have put up a pretty good case that might help you change your mind.

  1. Protect your floorings- The heavy table along with the constantly scooting chairs can cause some severe damage to your dining room flooring. Placing a rug underneath will help you keep the floor in good shape.
  2. Rugs are sound absorbers- Whether you are hosting a dinner party, a tiny get-together, or simply helping the kids do their homework, a good rug will absorb the excess sound of the room, preventing the echoes, and won’t let any noise from the outside disturb you.
  3. Good looks, Good looks, and Good looks- Do we need another reason other than the fact that rugs add aesthetics to the surroundings and make the space look lively? A patterned rug pulls the space together bringing in the warmth and a welcoming vibe.

The dining area is a space that might experience a high footfall. While picking a rug for the area, make sure to choose one crafted with durable materials, making the rug last long. In terms of visual appeal, select a rug that blends in effortlessly with the dining furniture, without disrupting the overall aesthetics of your space. In some homes, a patterned rug might go well whilst in some spaces, something minimalistic or bold and boastful would do the deed. At Obeetee Carpets, we have a rug of every style. Hand-crafted using the finest materials, our rugs last long and require minimal care. From Persian designs to simply stripped patterns, our collection has a plethora of options for you to choose from for your dining room.

Some rugs from our collection-

  1. Scottish Hand Tufted Woollen Rug- Simple stripes and basic shades of the Scottish rug add a minimalistic complement to your dining space. Hand-tufted using wool, this carpet from the Panache collection is available in multiple sizes. Resembling a barcode pattern, the carpet lends the dining area some texture, overall uplifting the character of your dining space, making your experience a beautiful one.

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  2. Zamiya Hand Tufted Woollen Rug- Add that royal feeling to the dining space with our Zamiya rug. Featuring a bold Persian pattern in shades of green and gold inspired by traditional Oushak and Khotan motifs which are known for their royal visual appeal, this rug induces an aura of the Mughal royalty in your space. Designed in sync with modern decor trends, the carpet is a transitional piece. Perfect to add a contrasting effect to a theme of minimalism, the carpet is sure shot a compliment-getter for you while hosting house parties. Available in some standard multiple sizes, the carpet can also be customized according to the size of your dining furniture.

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  3. Alastair Hand Knotted Woollen Rug- Simplicity and art combined form an abstract pattern on the Alastair rug. From the farmhouse chic collection, the carpet is a true work of art, designed to induce aestheticism in your dining area. Hand-knotted with precision using top-quality wool, the Alastair adds durability to your flooring and protects it from rough wear and tear caused by the dragging of the chairs.
    The shades of blue adorning the canvas fill the space with a soothing and welcoming aura, making your guests feel comfortable, both practically and socially.

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Delice Hand-Knotted Woollen Rug- A delightful addition to the dining space, the Delice is a hand-knotted rug from our collection. Designed using pure wool fiber for high durability, the carpet lends comfort underfoot with its thick pile while you sit for long hours at the dining table. The dark shade of blue featuring a bold Persian pattern makes the rug the focal point of the space and gives your guests a hot topic to discuss about.

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