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The vibrancy of life lies in its contrasts. Like when there are days when getting out of bed feels like a challenge. It could be a longing for a person, time, place, or simply the weather. In those moments, our intrusive thoughts may minimize the significance of our emotions. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that it’s okay to NOT be okay, and that the thing about contrast is that it gives you an absolutely dreadful experience in one moment and an extremely delightful the next. Take colours for instance- the importance of colours in our lives is profound. They have the power to influence our emotions and perceptions. Dark days pave the way for vibrant ones—contrast is what makes the experience truly colourful. The hues of pink, red, or yellow symbolize the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

A collection that colours your home happy

Speaking of colours, the Chroma People Collection by Obeetee x Tissage embraces the significance of colour in a unique way. This collection beautifully captures the essence of diverse emotions and experiences through a rich palette. Each rug in the collection tells a story, adding a touch of vibrancy to your living space, mirroring the ebb and flow of the contrasting moments that life sometimes hits us with. So, embrace the full spectrum of emotions, knowing that even in the darkest days, a burst of colour awaits.

We recently launched the collection, and would love to tell you a bit about what it brings to the table. Read on to know more about the rugs in this collection.

  1. Azure Hand Knotted rug- Crafted with hues that echo the calm rhythm of the flowing waters, the Azure rug wraps your space in a serene elegance. It is a captivating break in the dimensions of the blue hue into your spaces. A bold yet soothing creation within the Chroma People Collection, it features an abstract, random, yet self-patterned design adorning the canvas, crafted from a fusion of silk and wool, akin to royalty gracing a throne. Meticulously hand-knotted, the Azure carpet trespasses conventional boundaries—it is more than a mere floor covering. It is a versatile piece of art that can be employed as a tapestry or a backdrop in your contemporary space. The cobalt blue hue effortlessly induces an air of sophistication in your homes.
  1. Jade hand knotted Rug- The natural shades of the forest, green along with vintage greys adorn the abstract pattern of the Jade carpet. Crafted meticulously by traditional hand-knotting techniques, the carpet induces a natural charm in your spaces. Suitable for contemporary and intimate places like the bedroom, the carpet styles best with contrasting schemes. The use of wool and silk gives the carpet canvas an elegant yet bold character. Unveil tranquil mysteries with the world of Chroma people as the Jade Hand knotted rug echoes nature's calm, exuding an elusive elegance in your space.
  1. Scarlet Hand Knotted rug- Feel the mystique of Chroma in the texture and the colour of the scarlet Hand knotted rug- an artistic odyssey where passion for art weaves through every fibre, revealing the innate beauty of the whispered secrets of the craft.Natural reds and browns combine to form the colour scheme of the Scarlet carpet. From our new Chroma people collection, this eclectic piece is a fine accent for contemporary homes. Hand-knotted using a fusion of wool and silk, the carpet adds comfort, strength, and visual appeal to the character of your space along with inducing sophistication. An ideal addition to a minimalistic interior, the carpet balances the surroundings.
  1. Soleil Hand Knotted Rug- The comforting warmth of the Soleil rug blankets your surroundings, creating a tranquil ambiance akin to the gentle touch of the winter sun, inviting you to unwind and embrace moments of quiet introspection.From the Chroma Collection, this masterpiece showcases the luscious hue of honey, intricately woven into an abstract texture on a hand-knotted canvas. Crafted as a harmonious blend of wool and silk, the Soleil rug not only boasts high durability but also exudes a lustrous appeal that captures the essence of luxury. Designed per European trends, this rug seamlessly aligns with the aesthetics of contemporary interiors. It stands as a focal point, inviting warmth and sophistication into the homes of today.
  1. Cantaloupe Hand knotted rug- If you’re someone who fancies a neutral coloured rug with muted tones, this one’s for you. Each thread weaves a tale of style and sophistication, as the

Cantaloupe carpet is not just an accessory but a statement in your home decor journey. The contemporary allure of this rug from our Chroma people collection is an interplay of Antique white shades with multiple light hues, breathing life into your home. Crafted as more than just a floor covering, the Cantaloupe is a tapestry of modern elegance. Its harmonious fusion of wool and silk creates a visual symphony in your living space. Hand-knotted with precision, this carpet has been specifically for the discerning tastes of contemporary homeowners.

If you have been intrigued by these rugs, let us tell you that the collection doesn’t end here. There’s more. Visit obeetee.in to explore more from the collection, or simply visit our stores located in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. We hope this exploration brings peace to your hearts and that you find your tribe in the colours of the Chroma People collection.