5 ways to place runner rugs at your home

Let's cozy up for a chat about something we all secretly adore – runner rugs! You know those little nooks and crannies in your home that seem to crave a bit of love? Well, we've discovered a budget-friendly secret weapon that not only adds a touch of charm but does so without breaking the bank. These sleek, rectangular marvels aren't just about practicality; they're like the trusty companions that effortlessly handle high-traffic areas with a touch of grace. But here's the heartwarming part – they're not just about function. These rugs are like the chameleons of decor, adapting seamlessly to any style, be it modern chic or vintage warmth.

 5 ways to place runner rugs at your home

Whether it's your staircase, entryway, or hallway whispering for a makeover, these runner rugs are here to weave a bit of magic. They go beyond being floor protectors; they're mood enhancers, introducing warmth, style, and a gentle touch of personality into your living space. So, join us as we uncover the secrets of making your home the cozy haven you've always dreamed of with these fabulous and functional rugs. It's time for a heart-to-heart about the magic of runner rugs!

  1. Hallways and entryways- These spaces generally have vibrant aspects. Although they are comparatively narrower unlike the rest of your home, entryways and hallways can be congested if you add too many things here. This is a reason why many people leave these narrow passages unattended. Entryways are the 1st impression of your home, and hallways are like transitional spaces. Thus, it is necessary to give them an upbeat and aesthetic character. Placing a runner rug that matches well with the wall colors is the best option. In the entryway, it boasts of a welcoming vibe and helps you make a statement about your personality, and in the hallway, it helps elevate the overall appeal of the house and gives you a direction, explaining the flow of your space.
  2. By the Bed- It might sound a little off but when you put your feet on something warm and soft after getting out from the blanket, you’ll thank us. Many people place an entire rug under the bed, as beautiful as it might look but a lot of the portion of the rug is left unused. Placing a runner in front of your bed or maybe the side that you get off from is a better option. It won’t be just light on your pocket but also lends your room a unique aesthetic. The bedroom is a very intimate place, a minimal rug made with wool or cotton or maybe fur might be a good choice.
  3. Staircases- From safety to elegance, placing runners on the staircases is always a smart move. Staircases are often made with a wooden material or hard marble. A plain and simple staircase looks beautiful but with a runner it will give a contrasting effect, making it aesthetic. According to the decor of your space, choose a rug of any style and place it in the middle of the stairs. The leftover corner space will aid in keeping the visual appeal in balance and provide you with a space to walk upon that avoids the risk of slipping down the staircase.
    A lot of people might use it, thus, make sure to choose a runner made with wool for high durability and maximum comfort.
  4. The kitchen- Another idea that might seem off the books in many Indian households. In case you have a modular kitchen, place a runner where you stand and cook, or maybe by the kitchen counter facing the living space. This will fill the white space and complement your kitchen, keeping the entire concept of the modular style in balance. Usually, the interior of the kitchen is minimal, by adding a runner in this area, you’ll be inducing colors and patterns that might help in sharpening the edges of the space.
  5. On Walls- Rugs have been used as tapestries for a while now. However, placing a runner rug on a wall might seem a little questionable. Instead of placing it vertically covering only one part of a wall, place it horizontally on all 4 walls of your space. This will give the solid-colored walls a thick design in the middle along with adding balance to the space.

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