QUICK RECAP of all the events that happened in Obeetee Carpets-2023

Within a blink of an eye, it's December.  Isn’t this the feeling we all are experiencing at the moment? As we are about to complete another round around the sun, we’d like to thank our stars for giving us such a great year. Yes, there were a few ups and downs but trust us, life is no fun without a little adventure. On New Year’s Eve, all of us would be partying, bidding a heartfelt goodbye to 2023 but before we do that, all of us like to take a look back and relive our year, don’t we?

2023 has been a year full of wonder for us at Obeetee Carpets. From participating at conferences to introducing new programs, from launching a variety of carpets and cushions to collaborating with world-renowned design companies, 2023 gave us a lot of experience, learnings, and unforgettable moments.

The year started with a lot of planning and strategic implementation. With the dedication of our hardworking team, we opened a new store in Kolkata. This was our 1st highlight of the year. In February 2023, the new Obeetee flagship store- the Kolkata studio was set up. Situated in Chowringhee Lane, the studio presents a fine collection of breathtaking carpets, featuring unique motifs. Seeking inspiration from our roots, we instructed the design 21 professionals to design our studio similar to the theme of the colonial times.

Energized by the boost given to us by the store’s success, we expanded our wings further in the realm of decor and launched handmade cushions. Lumbar and Nagalore are our 2 new cushion collections. Featuring floral motifs, designs inspired by nature, and other elements of life, the Lumbar collection consists of almost 50+ pieces. Each crafted by hand using the best quality of raw materials, the cushions are durable, long-lasting and enhance the comfort in your space. The Nagalore collection has been inspired by the north-eastern culture of the world. Crafted by the hands of the local weavers of Nagaland by following the cultural shawl-weaving technique of the state, the cushions feature semi-tribal designs, designed specifically for contemporary homeowners seeking to induce a contemporary character in their spaces. Both of our collections consist of versatile options that blend into every decor style effortlessly.

Over the months we exhibited in architectural conferences and exhibitions. At these places, we generated a lot of leads and ended up collaborating with renowned designers and a contemporary rug maker- Tissage. This collaboration is a portrayal of our rich Indian heritage infused with contemporary art, creating a set of carpets featuring the Impasto style of painting. This style adds layers to the carpet canvas, giving away a 3-dimensional look. It almost looks like the motif has come to life. Each carpet in this collaboration is nothing less than a ballad, a sensory delight of nature infused with abstract art. Along with the painting style of Van Gogh, the set of carpets features a shimmery mix of cotton, wool, and silk, meticulously combined by following a new cross-knotting technique to add depth to certain areas as per the design.

You might think that this might be it for the year, but this wasn’t enough for us. Being in the market for over a century, we rug makers understand the importance of getting the right look in any decor along with sustainability. Both concepts might not seem related but we brought them together. A few months back we introduced the buy-back program. Under this program, any customer who purchases an Obeetee carpet with a knot count of 190 or more will receive a certificate of authenticity attesting to the design and originality of the product. This certificate is a testament to the exceptional quality of our carpets and assures customers of their investment in a premium and authentic product. Since knotted carpets are expensive investments we understand your concern about investing in another handmade carpet in case you wish to change it. Thus, under his program, we give you a 25-year buy-back guarantee. This means that after 3 years of usage and before 25 years, a customer can sell the carpet back to the company and get a gift card for the amount to purchase another carpet. This offer is a testament to our commitment to providing customers with an exceptional experience and ensuring their satisfaction.

As we entered the cold season, we decided to notch up the heat in the industry. Topping all other things, Obeetee Carpets went to exhibit at INDEX, a design exhibition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. INDEX Saudi Arabia equates to the Kingdom's premier interior design, furniture, and fit-out trade event that provides a platform for brands, designers, retailers, distributors, and fit-out contractors to showcase their services and products. Unveiling our finest pieces, we showcased the PTBI(proud to be Indian) collection, featuring carpets envisioned by renowned designers like Raghavendra Rathore, Tarun Tahiliani, and more. We also presented an array of handcrafted cushions that are the epitome of quality and comfort.

Finally, the year-end is when we shut down our Mumbai store. No no, not a bad news because we have opened a new one as well. This store is just a journey from one corner of Mumbai to another but with a lot of upgrades. The new store, located at the Raghuvanshi Mills in Mumbai, offers a unique shopping experience, catering to the elite. Though located in the city of dreams, the interior of the store seeks inspiration from the neoclassical charm of our house in Mirzapur. A touch of history infused with the contemporary world is how we’ll describe our place in Mumbai.

Aligned with our vision from the start, we kept on moving on the highway to growth and success. There were a few downers but that’s what kept us going. Our team in all our offices worked hard to make this year a magnificent one. Cheers to this one and best wishes for the next. Have a great 2024!