Into the wild: Animal Print Rugs as the Perfect Statement Piece

With just a look over your shoulder, you will realize that the world is a kaleidoscope of people with different personalities. Some people tend to have a calm and composed exterior, and some prefer to keep a jolly aura around them. On the other hand, there are some who tend to express to the world openly how bold, upbeat, and rebellious they are, just like our Animal print rugs from the Safari Chic collection that make a statement through their vibrant hues and wild patterns.

Animal Print Rugs

We at Obeetee Carpets understand the need for such people to express their bold aura through their interior. Being the base of any home’s decor the rug should be of the right size, color, pattern, and style to suit your every need. Thus, we work dedicatedly to come up with new ideas and patterns to cater to your needs.

Think of animal print rugs as inspiration from mother nature. Just like a fierce cat blends into the wild, our animal print rugs camouflage into your room, neutralizing your decor and making it look soothing to the eye. Here are a few ways how you can include animal print rugs in your interior and make a bold statement.

  1. Tiger print- The simplest way to add aesthetic to your decor is to throw in a tiger print rug. Rugs with tiger stripes make bold statements as floorings. These stripes add balance to your room and boast of a confident aura.
    One such rug is the Gallop Rug from our Safari Chic collection. Hand-tufted to perfection, this carpet exudes a vintage, soothing yet bold aura with its tiger stripe design in vibrant hues of rust and its shades. Comfortable and durable, the Gallop rug is made with 79% wool and 21% of cotton yarn. Whether placed in the living area or the bedroom, this carpet uplifts the space with its contemporary look and feel and adds elegance to it.

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  2. Zebra stripes accents- Zebra is an animal of the wild but with a composed nature, thus, carpets with zebra stripes add subtlety to your interior. Being in a pointed pattern, the zebra print rug gives direction and creates movement in the room, and adds persuasion.
    The Dash rug is a hand-tufted masterpiece from the house of Obeetee. Crafted meticulously with wool and cotton, this rug from our Safari Chic collection is durable and adds to your comfort. Exuding sophistication with its modern grey hues, this rug stands out when placed beside a wall with beautiful framed artwork. Inducing a wild yet subtle character to your decor, the dash rug is a statement piece that brings visual appeal to your home.

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  3. Leopard accents- Ideally match with white, or tan-colored furniture, carpets with a leopard print never go out of style. Versatile enough and blend in with any decor, these rugs are not just limited to making statements on the floor. Use them as a backdrop on your main wall and add a rebellious personality to your space.
    One such piece is the Durby Rug from the house of Obeetee. A hand-tufted article, roaring contemporary elegance with its intimidating leopard print in shades of grey, this rug is the epitome of sophistication. Place it anywhere in your house, this rug lends your living space an adventurous and bold character. Made using a fusion of wool and cotton yarn,  the Durby rug is comfortable and can be passed down to generations.

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  4. Animal Figured designs- Apart from your fondness for animals, these rugs make a clear statement of your eye for sophistication.
    Induce yourself in the untainted aura of the Nala Rug. A contemporary and wild piece, this rug features an exotic pattern of a wild cat on its neutral-colored canvas. Adding a vintage vibe to your space, this rug brings comfort underfoot with its woolen canvas. Crafted to excellence, the intricacy can be seen in every spot of the design. Unleash your wild side and enhance your modern interior by making the Nala rug a focal point.

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An animal print rug is an exceptional way to unchain your wild side. We at Obeetee Carpets offer you a collection of animal print rugs online. Hand-knotted and hand-tufted with utmost dedication to provide perfection, each of these rugs are crafted using only the best quality materials.

Rugs from our Safari Chic collection are ideal choices for people with a carefree and bold personality. Embracing your decor with the exotic allure of animal print carpets will give your room captivating aesthetics and an irresistible visual appeal.

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