Explore Our Round Rugs To Elevate Your Space

It’s safe to say that there isn’t any shortage of inspiration around you and over the internet regarding interior design. But too much information can be overwhelming. With so many options to refer from, it is a task to figure out where to start. Irrespective of the work you do, there is always a need for a strong foundation. When it comes to interior decor, a carpet is something that sets this base. While texture, design, color, and pattern play an important role, the shape of the rug is one of the key points. While our eyes are adjusted to the usual familiarity of square and rectangular-shaped rugs, the usage of round rugs can immediately catch your attention.

Explore Our Round Rugs To Elevate Your Space

Round rugs break the monotony of regularity and are a means to shift towards making a new and bolder choice.

We at Obeetee, offer you a platform to buy round rugs online. Each of these rugs is designed by reputed designers across the globe, hand-crafted to perfection by our highly skilled and experienced artisans of Bhadohi. Made using international grade fibers we have a wide collection of round rugs featuring various designs with versatile color palettes. If you are looking to buy rugs forthe living room, rugs under dining table, or any other place in your home, we have a variety of round rugs to cater to your needs.

Let us throw some light on how you can use round rugs to elevate your living spaces-

  1. The Entryway- Adding a round rug in the blank and empty space at your entrance will add some life to it. Pairing the rug with a wooden chair and a wall painting will be the icing on the cake. It won’t just create a space where you sit down to tie your shoes and do a last-moment makeup check but also a nice warm area to welcome your guest, creating a cohesive first impression on them.
    The Moroccan Rug from our Panache collection is one such piece, ideal for the entryway. Hand-tufted with wool, this round rug is adorned with an abstract pattern. Similar to a shaded work of art drawn by an artist, the stripes elevate your entryway and add a warm aura to it. Feels like luxury underfoot, this round rug possesses high durability.

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  1. The Living room- The heart of your home is an edgy place with all the furniture spread across. Introducing a round rug to this area will soften its sharp tone. Placing it in the middle of the room, beneath the center table with sofas and armchairs partially covering it will make the space more intimate, aesthetic, and functional.
    For instance, consider our Subtle and beautiful Ocean rug. Hand-tufted with wool of the highest quality, this contemporary rug from the Panache Collection is painted in soothing oceanic blues. Portraying the allure of coastal cities and sandy shores, this is one of the best round rugs for living room.

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  1. Small Spaces- If you have a room with limited dimensions, adding a round rug to its decor will make it look bigger. A trick you should follow while placing this is to keep it 30-40 cm away from the wall, this will make the eye follow the curves of the carpet and lead to the illusion of making the space look larger.

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  2. Awkward empty spaces- Round rugs reduce minimalism on the floor. In houses with big living spaces, there are a lot of unattended awkward empty spaces. These disrupt the look and feel of the decor, making the room less visually appealing. Placing round rugs in these empty spaces will make your room look fuller and complete.
    For an upbeat and jolly vibe, round rugs with bright colors will be suitable, whilst if you wish to induce a timeless vintage aura, go for rugs with bold patterns and dark or rustic shades.

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  3. Vastu compliant- Many people follow the rules of Vastu while building and designing their homes. It is believed that positive Vastu vibes travel in circles, thus, adding round carpets to your decor not only enhances the visual appeal of your spaces but also brings a load of positivity.

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Mostly rectangular or edgy rugs are used as a part of home decor, but round rugs break the chain and induce something new to your home. Not only do they stand out but also introduce your space to positivity, character, and modernity.

We at Obeetee Carpets encourage this modern approach and offer you an eclectic collection of round rugs online. Not only are our round rugs durable and heirloom-worthy but also bring comfort to your living space.
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