Creating your personal Oasis: Transforming a corner into your own personal space (Anita Dalmia Collaboration)

As the summer break ends, it's time for everyone to click the resume button of their lives. The first day at the office takes a toll as it breaks the vacation vibe. However, once you step out of the house and begin your day, the trees welcome you with their bright green lush, the blooming flowers smile at you rejuvenated by a rain shower, keeping the vacation weather alive. It is almost as if nature is telling you that ‘monsoon is here’.

Anita Dalmia Collaboration

The natural beauty of the flora and fauna of the northern terrain is something we wish to enjoy all the time. Taking inspiration from this idea we at Obeetee Carpets in collaboration with Anita Dalmia have brought it to reality. ‘Elysian’ is a hand-knotted and hand-tufted collection of rugs, crafted using international-grade materials to ensure they last for a lifetime. By combining the beautiful co-existence of man and nature, every design in the collection presents the eternal elegance of the environment.

Through the designs in this collection, Anita has expressed her fondness for nature. From floral designs to animals habituating in the forest, she has portrayed her emotions and creativity using the bright hues of natural colors. Being a Rajwadi native from Rajasthan, her inspiration from local art can be seen in her creations for this collection.

Similar to Dalmia, if you are a nature enthusiast and wish to adorn your personal space by adding a calm and peaceful atmosphere to it, then these designer hand-knotted rugs from the Elysian collection are for you.


  1. Oasis Hand-knotted Woollen and Silk Rug- Just like an Oasis in the middle of the desert, the Oasis rug adds an aesthetic and artistic touch to your personal space. From lushing trees twined with the sand color of the background, to warm shades of the animals residing beside, this rug blends in perfectly with the furniture in your decor.  Hand-knotted with wool and silk fiber, The Oasis rug is an ideal choice to add color and rejuvenate your interior with a medley of natural beauty, bringing peace to your space.
  2. Runner Hand-Knotted Woollen And Viscose Rug- If you like the beauty and tranquility of the dense forest then this hand-knotted designer rug is for you. Crafted to extraordinary brilliance by highly experienced artisans, the Runner Carpet adds a wild yet subtle aura to your personal space. Adorned with gold and grey motifs in the shape of a flower vase with a dark green base, this carpet livens up your personal space with a contemporary feel.
  3. Monkey See Monkey Do Hand Tufted Woolen Rug- Elevate your little ones’ personal space with the Monkey See Monkey Do rug from our Elysian collection. Designed to keep young minds busy, this hand-tufted rug is made with premium quality wool and comes with a skid backing, making it plushy and super safe to play and jump upon.
    With a geometric yet distorted design covering the canvas, the rug embodies monkey structures doing different activities. Add a playful and engaging vibe to your kids’ room with this hand-tufted designer rug.
  4. Forest Hand Knotted Woolen And Silk Rug- Hand-tufted with the durability of wool and the sheen of silk, the Forest rug is nothing less than a portrait. A versatile and artistic piece, this rug displays our world-class craftsmanship and intricacy in the design. Add it to your living area or place it as a backdrop on your room’s wall, this rug will elevate your space with a transitional beauty.
  5. Tropical Hand-knotted Woollen and Viscose Rug- Immerse yourself in the beauty of a meadow full of roses residing in tropical areas with the Tropical rug. Hand-knotted with wool for durability and viscose for the sheen, this rug is a perfect combination of our attempt at a traditional and modern approach. With warm pink roses spread across the yellow-shaded canvas, this designer hand-knotted carpet acts as a flowerbed andcreates a warm ambiance to your personal oasis.

We at Obeetee Carpets offer you a platform to buy designer rugs online. Each of our collections of rugs is designed by renowned designers across the globe. From traditional to contemporary, geometric to abstract, we curate designer carpets that are the epitome of durability and fine artistry. If you are looking to buy designer carpets online in India or the international market, we have just the right carpets for you.

Not all but these are a few of the rugs from the Elysian collection designed by Anita Dalmia. Her expertise is in designing items for home furnishing and this collection is one of the best examples.
Including carpets from the Elysian will add warmth, creativity, and natural elegance to your living spaces. Each rug exudes intricate details of nature that summon ecstasy.  If you wish to elevate your personal space and add a raw yet appealing touch to it, these carpets are for you.