Red Carpet Worthy: Handmade Carpets and Rugs Inspired by Award Ceremonies

When we speak of elegance, royalty, and grandeur, nothing comes into our minds except the red carpet. It is not just a carpet but a symbol of the elite, exclusive, and unique. Imagine a stage where the highly reputed and loved receive their awards of success, a place full of beauty, richness, and respect. The red carpet leads the way to that stage.

Ever since we can remember, award ceremonies have encapsulated the glamour, refinement, and the most graceful and enthusiastic celebrations of creativity. Be it anyone, they are left dumbstruck while watching their favorite celebrities on the red carpet in their mesmerizing attires covered in glitter and surrounded by paparazzi getting all the attention in the world.

At least once, everyone might have imagined themselves walking on the red carpet experiencing the epitome of grandeur and royalty. Don’t worry, we at Obeetee Carpets are your way to fulfilling that dream.

Carpets at award ceremonies are made with materials of the finest quality to make them highly durable because of the high traffic and footfall, they might have a minimal look but are designed by highly reputed designers around the world, and are utterly graceful and visually appealing.

Just like the red carpet adds meaning, reputation, and elegance to these ceremonies, We at Obeetee Carpets believe that every space deserves this addition. Being inspired by the grandeur of the elite and reputable, we meticulously craft the carpets which embrace the intimidating feeling of such events and provide you with the same experience. Our carpets are crafted finely and with the utmost attention to the slightest of details by highly experienced weavers across the country. We use materials of the finest quality which makes the carpets highly durable. Each of our carpets is crafted with traditional hand-knotting and tufting techniques. This makes our carpets make a bold statement in the world of artistry.

We actively collaborate with designers all across the globe who bring the vision of luxury and royalty into the designs. We at Obeetee offer you carpets featuring different designs. Be it geometric or abstract, traditional or contemporary, each of our designs is a testament to our hard work and exceptional artistry. These designer rugs can be used as backdrops or addition to the decor of any living space, effortlessly transforming a simple interior into an elegant one.

When it comes to the shade of the carpet, nothing beats the shine and the shrine of the one at the Oscars. Taking inspiration from this, our weavers conscientiously craft the carpets of not one but a variety of shades that boast opulence.

Not only this, but our handmade carpets embrace traditional and cultural references. Inspired by motifs of diverse cultures, each of our carpets is crafted with attention to the slightest of detail and inherits the traditional weaving techniques passed from one generation to another. This not makes our rugs equal to the grandeur of the red carpet but also timeless.

We understand that a handmade carpet is an investment, apart from the beauty and elegance, our weavers craft these carpets with only the best quality materials to make them durable and strong for years to come.

Just like award ceremonies represent and appreciate their nation on a global stage, we at Obeetee Carpets got an opportunity to be a part of the Central Vista project of our country.

With an effort of 10 lakh man hours, hard work, and dedication of 900 experienced weavers from the Mirzapur and various districts of Uttar Pradesh, a total of 314 carpets were meticulously crafted and stitched together to make 2 separate carpets for the new parliament of Indian. According to 120knots per square inch, a total of 600 million knots were woven to achieve 2 masterpieces of intricacy and fine craftsmanship

158 carpets were woven for the Lok Sabha, featuring the intricate motifs of the peacock - India's national bird and the other 156 at the Rajya Sabha showcase the exquisite motifs of the national flower, the lotus.

The carpets had a color palette of a total of 20-25 shades embellished with intricate designs. Both of these houses are areas that experience heavy footfall, thus these carpets are woven with pure wool fiber to make them durable and sustain high traffic. The central vista project is a true testament to our century-old legacy and intricate craftsmanship.

In conclusion, We at Obeetee Carpets have captured the essence of the grandeur and excellence of the artistry walking on the Red carpet and embodied the same spirit into our meticulously crafted rugs. Each of our rugs has the ability to effortlessly elevate the interior of any living space and lighten up the atmosphere just like the flashes around the red carpet, making you feel like a celebrity.

With us, own your personal award-worthy feeling and embrace the luxury of the red carpet underfoot.