Harmony or Contrast - Finding the Perfect Rug for Your Space

Interior design is nothing but a blend of art and science. Both may sound like contradictory realms but little do you know, both need to work in perfect harmony to make any space magical. At least once in your life, you might have walked into a room that not only inspired you but made you awe and left you in shock. Effortlessly your eyes might have run through the mesmerizing visual experience, with everything looking so beautiful that you were confused regarding the element that made the space look so striking. For a layman, it’s just a sight but for a decor enthusiast, it's a harmonic blend of creativity, hard work, science, and art.

Harmony or Contrast - the Perfect Rug for Your Space

Interior design has a few fundamentals of its own. It must contain a perfect balance of pattern, simplicity, complexity, proportion, movement, white space, free flow, rhythm, harmony, and contrast. “The 1st impression is the last impression”, is a statement often understood by professionals in the realm of decor. Some rooms are put together perfectly. Every element is in sync in terms of placement, colors, and curves. It all looks so harmonious that you are not able to take your eyes off it. While in some rooms, each element is contradicting one other yet steals your eye because of being different. Thus, harmony and contrast are 2 components that boost the visual interest in your space.

Obeetee Carpets has been in the industry for the past century. Our professionals actively stay up to date with the changing decor trends and implement them in our carpets. During the initial stages when carpets were just discovered, people preferred traditional-looking rugs. Ornate motifs with bold floral patterns and Persian-inspired patterns were dominant on the carpet canvases. As seasons changed, modernity took over, and Western concepts like abstract art came into trend and people started shifting towards the new style. Modern or traditional, we at Obeetee did not change our weave styles. Each of our carpets is still handwoven, keeping the magic and tradition of handmade alive.

What goes around does come back. In the contemporary era of today, people actively include the components of harmony and contrast in their homes. Some people follow the modern approach and get contemporary rugs for their contemporary space. Everything in their decor is in sync and maintains a beautiful continuity of aesthetics. Some people believe in the concept of standing out, their entire space has at least one element that contrasts the rest of the room yet suits them perfectly. This irony makes their space attractive and the decor element stands as a focal point.

To create a harmonious or contrasting space, all it takes is a rug. Being the base of any space, a handmade rug is the foundation of your interior. It transforms your space into a sanctuary of elegance and beauty. Depending on the type of home you wish to create, getting a handmade carpet from Obeetee is a great solution. In our collection, we have a carpet for every arrangement. Each is crafted by the hands of experienced weavers using the best quality of materials, and our carpets last generations.

Harmonious space-

Harmony is a design scheme that includes decor accents with similarity. It creates a cohesive and unified look in the room, making it look like the entire room is blended. While aiming to get a rug for your harmonious space, look for rugs with a similar color palette in your decor.  The design and the pattern of the rug should not overwhelm the existing space. The rug should tie the entire look and feel of the room with its texture.

Contrasting space-

Contrast on the other hand depends upon the concept of unusual. It involves including elements in your interior that are completely different from one other yet together create an elegant sight. Different and unique articles in your interior enhance the visual interest and add character, personality, and drama.

While getting a rug for your contrasting space, make sure to buy a rug that does not match the existing color scheme of your space. The patterned texture and the design should be completely different from the existing interior yet somehow look good when placed.

A rug has the power to make the room or break the room. Depending on your choice, you can select a rug to set the theme of your space. From Obeetee Carpets, whether you opt for a traditional rug or a contemporary one, it will help you achieve the desired decor style in your place and will add life to your home.

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