Our latest collection of furniture pieces for new seating looks

In a house, furniture is the only thing that is common for everyone. It is used by all and reflects your family’s personality as a whole. In India, mostly each home is multi-generational. It has 3 generations living together- grandparents, parents, and the children. The furniture of the space should be comfortable for each generation and also define the home's aura. However, the job of furniture extends far more than just comfort. As the realm of interior design is evolving, people have started to pay much more attention to their interior looks.

Our latest collection of furniture pieces for new seating looks

Finding a furniture accent that is just about the look is easy, seeking something that speaks comfort is not much of a task either, but getting a fine furniture piece that is durable, made with the best quality of materials, is comfortable yet transforms your home into a sanctuary of beauty is rare. Lucky for you, Obeetee Carpets is now a one-stop shop for all your interior needs. Since the past century, we’ve been crafting handmade carpets for the world. Expanding our horizon in the realm of decor, last year we launched a collection of cushions, and this year, we've introduced a collection of fine accent furniture. Ideal for creating a chic, sophisticated, and comfortable interior in a contemporary multigenerational home, our furniture accents are a perfect combination of comfort, good looks, good looks, and good looks.

Without any further ado, let us make you dive into a few pieces from our collection and how they help you create a modern and aesthetic seating arrangement.

  1. Frost Upholstered Bench- Showcasing finely crafted upholstery, the Frost Bench comes with a meticulously hand-woven cover by skilled artisans from the country. The plush cushioning, blessed with a soft green fabric with a subtle textured pattern, provides luxurious comfort. A sturdy Acacia wood frame makes the foundation of this article durable and strong with reinforced plywood. Versatile and functional, the frost creates an illusion that makes your room look spacious and enhances the aesthetics with its classy visual appeal.

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  2. Sam Oval Bench- Durable, comfortable, and fabulous in its looks, the Sam Oval bench is nothing less than a piece of art for your space. Acacia wood used in its construction makes it strong enough to withstand heavy weight. The warm plush cushion for seating is encapsulated with dark green velvet fabric. Like the cherry on top of a cake, the furniture accent is polished with a wood walnut color, creating a perfect contrast. Pairing this bench with an abstract rug will arrange your space in a contemporary manner. Ideal for a space with a minimal theme, the bench is durable, and comfortable and will be a distinctive addition to your home.

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  3. Reesse accent chair- Resse is an elegant armchair that comes with a chic look and contemporary character. The robust iron legs supporting the chair come with a brass coating, lending a contrasting effect to the accent. Styling the chair in pairs with a minimal carpet would bring life to your room along with making the entire seating arrangement elegant and sophisticated.

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  4. Cranston Upholstered Bench- A pure combination of white and brown makes the Cranston bench a valuable and timeless addition to the seating arrangement inside your home. Crafted using acacia wood, the foundation of the bench stands out because of the natural shaded polish. The plush and warm cushion forming the seating space embraced by a beautiful off-white cover makes it a versatile addition to your home. Pair this with an abstract rug and watch it work its magic.

    Learn more about this fine furniture accent- https://www.obeetee.in/products/cranston-bench
  5. Sage Lounge Loveseat- An oddly yet beautifully shaped lounge loveseat, sage is an art piece. The green-colored furniture accent is crafted using acacia wood. Enclosing a plush cushion to sit upon, the covering of the love seat is handwoven using the best quality materials and comes with a self-texture. Elegant and chic, the loveseat forms a partial shape of a heart and can accommodate 3 people. To enhance the looks in your living space, pair this furniture accent by a wall with a shaped rug hanging as a tapestry. Softening the edginess in your space, the curves of the loveseat make it a focal point.

    Learn more about this article- https://www.obeetee.in/products/sage-lounge-loveseat

When designing a versatile seating arrangement along with visual appeal, our fine furniture accents are great choices. Each piece is designed in sync with European design trends and can transform any living space into a sanctuary of comfort and aesthetics.

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