Step Into Serenity: Using Rugs for Color Therapy and Relaxation

Fashion, home decor, styling, or marketing, in every realm of life, colors enlighten everything. Color is present everywhere, the places where we look and the places we don’t. Scientifically, colors are a blend of light and energy, but emotionally and practically they mean much more. It’s a proven fact that colors affect our moods and evoke emotions. Eg- Red is a color often associated with anger but on the contrary, it is also the color of love. Black and white together exude a vintage vibe; they also stand out as the modern monochromatic shades. The colors on the palette of the world also have traditional significance. There is a myth that claims a tribe of color existed to keep the relevance of these traditions alive.

In the realm of decor, colors do have an emotional appeal but also define your space. At least once in your life, you might have entered a room with magnificent decor. The visual appeal of that place might have made you gasp for breath at first but as you adored the beauty of the place, your mind shut itself down, leaving you all calm and composed. This is the magic of colors. In any interior, a rug is like the foundational stone. It sets the base and compliments everything inside. Thus, the color of the rug that you choose for your home plays a pivotal role.

In the hustle and bustle of the fast-moving, contemporary world that we live in today, we must have moments of peace and tranquility at the end of the day. It is not only essential for our well-being but also calms us down and prepares us for a new challenge the next morning. At Obeetee Carpets we understand the necessity of creating a serene home. An interior with the perfect color scheme to give you a therapeutic vibe, that relaxes you down just by looking at it. Hence, we at our house in Mirzapur try our best to handcraft rugs of the finest quality with calm and composed color tones. Through our carpets, we’d like to educate you about the magic these colors will induce in your space, mind, body, and soul.

  1. Mindra- Hand-tufted using wool and cotton of superior quality, the Mindra rug is more than just a floor covering for your space. Designed according to the modern European trends of design, the rug features an abstract pattern in 3-5 shades, making it versatile for your space. The earthy browns, oceanic blues, and other neutral shades create a calm and clothing atmosphere in your space, balancing the overall brightness in the room. The softness in the room makes you feel calm and relaxed, especially after a tiring day at work. The Mindra rug comes with a woodland cotton canvas, making it extra comfortable, and durable enough to withstand rough usage.

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  2. Biswa- Another of our rugs featuring 3-5 shades on a woolen canvas in an abstract yet geometric pattern. The sharp lines in the design equate to the curves of the furniture inside the space. Multiple hues along with monochromatic shades lend the hand-tufted canvas a transitional aura, exuding a calming and welcoming vibe into your space. This rug comes with a thick pile underneath, making you feel extra comfortable as well. The versatile nature of the Biswa rug is what makes it a unique piece from our collection.

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  3. Shaeen- A perfect combination of traditionalism and modernity, the Shaeen rug is a blend of both worlds. Crafted by the skillful hands of experienced weavers, the rug comes boasting a transitional aura. The wool and cotton in its construction make the hand-tufted canvas of this rug comfortable and the dark-light color combination in the design blesses the space with a serene and relaxing atmosphere. The Shaeen rug because of its unique appeal can also be used as a tapestry, adding an artistic personality to your home.

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  4. Boldshade- Minimal, elegant, and splendid in terms of design, the Boldshade rug is a contradictory piece from our collection. Hand-tufted using pure wool fiber, the carpet comes with a comfortable and durable canvas. The striped pattern gives the rug a bold personality but the soothing shades of blue and green enable it to bless the space with a therapeutic and relaxing aura. Crafted by experienced artisans at our house in Mirzapur, the carpet is a blend of multiple shades that soothe your mind and calm your soul.

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Using rugs that feature a simple yet calming color palette is an effective way to transform your space into a therapeutic sanctuary of comfort and relaxation. By selecting rugs with such color tones, you will be caring for a nurturing environment in your place, ensuring your physical and emotional well-being. With rugs from Obeetee Carpets, bless your space with serenity and comfort. For more information, visit our e-commerce platform- or any of our flagship stores spread across the country.