Find Your Element: Personalize Your Home with Nature's Inspiration

The gush of wind that makes the green trees dance with elegance, the reflection of the blue sky shining upon the vast ocean, the brown soil glowing on the acres of agricultural land after a beautiful rain shower, and the warm burning bonfire after, soothing you with comfort. Just by talking about the various elements of the world, one can imagine these sights and adore the beauty of these marvels. Everyone wants their space to look graceful. What if there is a way to adorn your home with these beautiful elements of nature?

Find Your Element_ Personalize Your Home with Nature's Inspiration

Behold and explore the latest collection from our house in Mirzapur, The Elemental collection. This collection from Obeetee Carpets is inspired by the Panchtatva- the 5 elements of nature. Each of these elements has its charm and importance in the multiverse existence. The Panchtatva is not just necessary for the world’s survival but also refers to the human body's different parts and feelings. According to the teachings in the Vedas, Earth, and water is at the base, below the navel, fire is in the middle, forming the torso, and air and space reside in the upper part of the body.

The collection from Obeetee Carpets encapsulated the relevance of each of the 5 elements and brought them to life through their finely hand-knit threads. When placed in your home, each carpet will add to the visual appeal, comfort, and aura of the atmosphere of your interior, blessing your space with the magic of nature. Without further ado, let's dive into a few of the hand-knotted pieces from this collection to give you decor enthusiasts something to crave about.

  1. Terra- Inspired by ‘Land’ or ‘Earth’, the Terra is a hand-knotted carpet from our elemental collection. Crafted for contemporary homeowners eyeing to lend their spaces a traditional look. Crafted using superior-quality jute, and viscose, the Terra canvas is extra comfortable and, as the highways connecting the roads all across. The carpet comes embracing an abstract pattern in a monochromatic color palette, inducing boldness to your space. This versatile piece is a work of art and will elevate the aesthetics of your space with its timeless charm.

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  2. Gush- As the name speaks for itself, the Gush carpet is inspired by the Gush of winds that refresh us in the warm summer. This hand-knotted carpet is more than just a work of art. Crafted using the best quality of Viscose and jute fiber, this article from our elemental collection can also be used as a tapestry. The durable and comfortable canvas features an abstract representation of how a ‘Gush of wind’ would look. The neutral yet pastel shades used in the color palette of this rug lend it a versatile character, making it a suitable option for any space in your home.

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  3. Sandune- Embracing the beauty of the desert sand spread across acres of land on the Earth, the Sandune carpet from our elemental collection is one of a kind. Featuring an earthy color palette in shades of brown, the carpet is hand-knotted with precision. Designed for homeowners looking to induce a transitional vibe in their space, the Sadune carpet is a harmonic blend of contemporary style and traditional shades. The abstract patterns resemble the dunes present in the desert, lending your space a wholesome character.

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  4. Hydra Lamp- A beach is the perfect example of the co-existence of the 2 elements, water and land. Incorporating both, the Hydra lamp carpet forms an abstract pattern through a representation of water waves creating an image of a man and a ginnie. The viscose carpet is a hand-knotted work of art by our experienced artisans who have been crafting for generations. The blue shade includes a soothing aura in your space and the beach sand shade balances out the entire look and feel of the durable canvas.

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  5. Magnite- The rustic shades paired with gray on a beige base, resembling the earth and its foundational stones lend the Magnite carpet a unique approach. Hand-knotted using wool sourced from the most fertile fields in the country, this carpet from the elemental collection is inspired by the ‘earth’. The wool lends the carpet a comfortable plush pile underneath, making it extra durable as well. Place this rug in the living space or as a tapestry and watch it work its magic.

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Rugs from the Elemental collection are more than decor accents, they're like a piece of nature adorning your space. While there are just a few, we have many rugs listed on our website, inspired by the Panchtatva. To witness the magic of these rugs 1st hand, browse through our e-commerce platform mentioned above or visit any of our flagship stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Bangalore.