More Than Just Flooring: The Art of Creating Hotel Rugs with a Homey Touch

Travel, work, celebration, relaxation, and everything else, anyone residing in a hotel will expect a homely feel and comfort you usually don’t experience every day. An extra comfy bed, highly cleaned sanitary facilities, an HD TV screen, and an unmatched decor setting together make the hotel experience exciting. Hotels across the globe are known for their hospitality. Not only the people working there are soft-spoken but the decor of the entire place is soothing and extra comfortable. The hotel management tries their best to make us feel at home. With one phone call, we can get our hands on anything at our doorstep. One thing that makes us feel extra homely is the use of fine handmade rugs in the decor.

More Than Just Flooring: The Art of Creating Hotel Rugs with a Homey Touch

A handmade rug has the power to evoke feelings and make a difference. Rugs in the lobby area exude a welcoming vibe while the ones inside the rooms create an intimate atmosphere. Handmade rugs are like the lifeline of any hotel.

Impact of rugs in a hotel-

  1. Aesthetics- Hotels are known for their visual appeal. The better the hotel, the better will be the visual experience expected by the customers. The right rugs help highlight the color palette of the hotel. The design pattern on its canvas compliments the multiple decor accents present in the interior and ties the entire place together.
  2. Comfort enhancement- When the customer gets off his bed and steps on a warm comfortable plush pile instead of the cold floor, he will get an experience that will make him want more. Handmade carpets always provide comfort underfoot. The entire hotel floor is often covered with carpet to give the customer an unforgettable and comfortable experience.
  3. Noise reduction- There are multiple types of guests living in the hotels. There are often parties going on in the halls as well. To give the other customers an undisturbed experience, the carpets come to the rescue. The thick material of the carpets acts as a sound absorber and reduces the decibel of noise reaching the other occupants.
  4. Durability and safety- The foundational flooring of the hotels is often antique and pretty expensive. The carpets provide them with a cover and protect them from any damage. Additionally, the thick cushion underneath also acts as a safety measure, keeping you from injuries that are bound to happen in case you fall on the floor.

Obeetee Carpets has been in the rug-making business for the past century. Known for our high-quality carpets, we have been handmaking rugs for the world. In our time, we've had the honor to take up some commercial projects for some prestigious hotels and resorts. While crafting rugs for these spaces, we paid some extra attention to the local culture and tradition. Not only this, but each of our designs induced a homely touch inside these spaces, making the customers feel welcomed and comfortable. Each of the rugs that we crafted in the realm of hospitality, was a blend of traditional and contemporary abstracts. The colors and patterns of these rugs were on the mute side to maintain the calm, composed, and subtle nature of the space. In terms of quality, each of our rugs installed in luxurious properties across the country and the world is handcrafted using traditional handmaking techniques, using the best quality materials, sourced from highly fertile fields in the country. The overall look and feel of these rugs are unique and precise, best suited for the property.

Many rug makers today prefer selling machine-made rugs. While temporarily, these rugs may solve the purpose of the hospitality industry but in the long run, they aren’t cost-effective. These machine-made rugs have to be replaced regularly and come with high maintenance. Rugs from Obeetee are handcrafted. Every rug is made with meticulous detail. One can proudly say that a rug from Obeetee makes them feel at home in every way, from the construction to the design, the comfort, and the quality.

Obeetee Carpets are reliable and affordable when it comes to crafting carpets for contract business. From residential, and commercial to hotels, lobbies, and custom staircases, we install carpets everywhere. With over 3 decades of experience in the hospitality market, we can execute large-scale projects effectively and efficiently. Our toad in the contract business started when the President of India ordered 2 rugs for the dining space in the Rasgtrapati Bhawan. With time we took up major projects for the Soho House in Chicago, Park Hyatt in Vienna, Imperial in Delhi, and Amar Vilas in Agra. Recently we were a part of the Central Vista projects. We crafted rugs for the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha house in the new Indian Parliament.

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