5 Ways to Style Bright Color Cushions

The lifeline of any home, your partner on lonely Friday nights, the one that comforts you during an emotional or a scary movie night, a handmade cushion is like a best friend to you. This multi-functional accent comes with a high role when it comes to the look of your home. Whether a sofa or a sectional space in your living room with the couch at the center, it's the area where you might host occasional family get-togethers, or work during the day. It’s likely to have spent a lot of time and money when choosing this fine furniture accent. Thus, it deserves something like a handmade cushion to support it, lend it some detail, and enhance its personality.

5 Ways to Style Bright Color Cushion

Decorative cushions bring a lot to the interior of your space. They balance out the visual appeal of the space, add texture, lines, and shapes to the area, and obviously, enhance comfort. The easiest way to rejuvenate your space is with colorful handmade cushions. An occasional run of mixing and matching colors can be fun in your decor. Depending upon the color palette of your room, get decorative cushions in contrasting colors yet suitable for your furniture. Creativity is the key to making a visually appealing home. After selecting colorful cushions for your space, the trick is to place them in the right way. Below are a few creative ideas for colorful handmade cushions in your space

  1. Pair variety- The easiest way to place your cushions bright color cushions is to get both, solids and printed. Pairing them together on the sofa will not only enhance your furniture accent but will also add contrast. This mix and match will create a focal point and amaze your guests.

    Strypes Woven Cotton Chambray Cushion and Jane Digital Printed Cotton Cushion paired together would create an enchanting aura in your space. Crafted by the hands of experienced weavers, these cushions from Obeetee contradict yet balance one other. Strype cushion comes with a solid base and a minimal pattern while Jane comes with a bold printed floral design The only thing common between them is the blue color palette, keeping them in sync.

    Ge these cushions here- https://www.obeetee.in/products/strypes-woven-cotton-chambray-cushion-cover and https://www.obeetee.in/products/jane-digital-printed-cotton-cushion-cover
  2. Shapes to the rescue- Who said that cushions have to be of the same size and shape? To add an edgy effect to your space, you can opt for cushions of different shapes and sizes and pair them together. This combination will add curves to your space, balancing all the edginess in the interior and also creating something unusual yet chic and sophisticated in your space.

    Butah Block Printed Chenille Cotton Lumbar Cushion is one of the many options from the Obeetee cushion collection. This is a rectangular, low-line piece that comes with a dark-light color palette, embracing a beautiful block print design from Jaipur. When placed in your interior, the cushion transforms your space into a beautiful sanctuary of comfort and sophistication. The color of this cushion will add liveliness to the space.

    Get this cushion here- https://www.obeetee.in/products/butah-block-printed-chennille-cotton-lumbar-cushion-cover
  3. Simple but better- The easiest way in the book to place cushions is just to lay them on the furniture. Instead of opting for simple cushions though, one can go and go for handmade cushions with ornate designs. These cushions will balance the simplicity of the space and will cover the design part of your interior.

    Jasmine cushion cover in a designer piece from our collection. Crafted by the hands of experienced weavers, this is an embroidered piece. The intricate design forms a beautiful pattern in multiple shades upon the black-colored base. This versatile piece enhances the visual aura of the space and is like a compliment to your furniture accents.

    Get this cushion cover here- https://www.obeetee.in/products/jasmine-embroidered-cotton-cushion-cover
  4. The number of cushions- You might think that even after getting the best cushions in terms of design, quality, placement, and comfort, the interior could look more appealing. The reason here is not your choice but the number of cushions. You might not believe us but do try yourself and you will thank us later. Go for the number of cushions. This way you can also follow the three-color rule and somehow odd numbers seem soft to the eye.
  5. Placement areas- Everybody places their cushions in the usual places like the sofa, the bed, etc. Placing cushions in regions like the armchair, layering them with pillows and boosters and the dining chairs would make your home look different and unique.


At Obeetee Carpets, we have recently entered the realm of handmade cushions. Each cushion from our collection is crafted by the centuries-old techniques used to handcraft our carpets. The cushions are crafted using the best quality materials and cultural designing practices across the country inspire each design. For more information, visit our website- https://www.obeetee.in/