Geometry meets Harmony: Creating Balance with Geometric Rugs in Your Living Room

What comes to mind when you hear the word geometry? Straight lines, clean shapes and figures, edges, and just an overall organised aesthetic, right? Well, such is the beauty of geometrics. And when incorporated in a home, it can be used in the best way possible if you just do a little bit of research on the same.

If you go back to the history of handcrafted rugs and carpets, you will see that the furnishing did not predominantly showcase geometrics as the most prominent element on their canvases. However, some geometric elements were always used in them to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the final design, and to make it more uniform. You can take the oldest rug known to humanity as an example for the same, Pazyryk. A rug first discovered in the Altai Mountains of Siberia in 1949, and believed to be 4000 years old, the Pazyryk hand knotted rug rests peacefully today in the Hermitage Museum in Leningrad, Russia. Featuring various different elements of the ancient Iran, it boasts motifs of horsemen that are placed carefully within every ‘geometric’ border that the rug showcases. There are 5 borders of different sizes on the carpet, and a horizontal rectangular shape at its centre. This rectangular is then adorned by various small squares, each square filled with a Persian motif.

Geometric Rugs in Your Living Room

The geometrics used in the carpet’s creation, the horsemen and Persian motifs they are adorned with, and the carpet’s hand knotted nature that has preserved it almost in a perfect shape even after 4000 years- are all elements that make it history’s most perfect handcrafted creation till this date.

Today, taking inspiration from this design language, and adding their own unique touches, brands are increasingly experimenting with geometrics for their creations. The industry makes what the consumer desires. And today, more and more consumers are preferring to adorn their homes with geometric carpets mainly because these design aesthetics go well with contemporary and minimalistic setups. Some go for a pure geometric rug, some just with clean stripes, and there is large group of people who go for a combination of both.

We, at Obeetee Carpets, offer a wide range of geometric rugs, for every preference of yours. Read on to know how to add geometrics to your space.

Transforming a space using geometrics

Find the perfect shape

Is your mind more inclined towards round shapes? Or do you enjoy triangles on the plush canvases of your rugs?  Are rectangles your go to? Or do fine, minimalistic lines and stripes speak more to you? There is only one way to find out! To know your shape, you need to explore the carpet collection either online or offline. Carefully note the shape and size of your room, and once you figure it out, decide the requirement of shape for your room. The reason these elements matter is because the size of your room will determine whether you need to make it appear more spacious or make it look cosier by adding more elements to it. For a smaller room, you need more movement. Therefore, you will need to add a carpet that has either has stripes on its surface, or many circular or rectangular shapes. The shape factor of room matters as usually, the ideal way to choose a rug that suits the shape of your room is by choosing a rug in contrast to the former. For example, if your room us slightly triangular, with one prominent corner, the best way to make it look more spacious is by adding a round solid rug to it. It will give definition to the corner and the overall look and feel of your room. Additionally, you can either play with the shape of the rug, or the shape of its patterns, choice is yours. 

Create balance

Rugs are undoubtedly a great addition to your space, but at times their patterns can be too overpowering. This can create a lot of business in your space making it appear more cluttered. To cope with this, you need to understand the various elements present in your room. Does your room have furniture that is already too vibrant in nature? Do your walls have a darker colour pallet? Is your flooring patterned? If this tends to be the case with your space, you need to go for a geometric rug that is minimalistic in nature, and whose pattern does not add to the movement already present. For this, you can go for the Scottish Hand Tufted Woollen Rug from Obeetee Carpets, or the Taner Hand Tufted Woollen Rug. The pattern on both the rugs features clean geometrics in neutral shades.

Add contrast

Adding contrast to the home décor aesthetic is a tip that most home decorators and designers incorporate in their design endeavours. They analyse and observe the colours of the existing elements in a space, and then create contrast in the space using carpets and rugs. In simpler words, you can create contrast in your space by simply choosing a uniform colour for the rest of the elements in your room, and then pair them up with a rug that is of the opposite colour and acts as a statement. For example, if the throws, pillows, cushions, or curtains in your space tend to be blue in colour, you can choose an orange rug to enhance your décor. You can even go for a transitional rug that features motifs in neutral shades, with hints of blue. The perfect rug from our collection is the Chalet Hand Knotted Cotton rug. It is a transitional rug that features Persian motifs aligned in a diamond shape. You can also opt for the Bargello Hand Tufted Woollen Rug for its pretty coral diamonds.

Add textured rugs

Textured geometrics are great if you like minimalistic patterns with a unique touch. Such rugs can provide your space with an added definition. They feature geometrics that have been created through their twists, tufts, and cuts. Providing a three dimensional effect on their surface, these rugs are different from your common geometrics and look great in any space they’re placed at. If you want to explore the best textured rugs from our collection, the Geometric hand loom recycled polyester rug is the perfect one to go for. It is available in 5 different sizes, and has a great minimalistic pattern and colour scheme. 

Ditch the classic rectangles

This one is especially for those of our homeowners who wish to add a unique touch to their space by playing around with the shape of the rug. This works extremely well if you want to define one particular area with your rug. For instance, there is a great statement chair present in your room but you can’t quite decipher how to make it blend with the rest of your décor. To solve the problem, try adding a round rug beneath it of just place the first two feet of the chair slightly on the rug. Round rugs are usually great for defining such spaces. However, if you want to take it a notch higher, you can go for abstract shapes, or custom create your own shape by speaking directly with the brand. Luckily for you, Obeetee Carpets provides customisation services, so we’ve got your design preferences covered. You can check out our Shaoul Hand Tufted Rug for a beautiful abstract shape, or the Sarah Hand Tufted woollen round rug for its regal appeal and round shape.

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