5 reasons Why New Zealand Wool is considered to be the Most Premium Material

When discussing luxury, sophistication, and comfort, it is not to be touched but felt. You might have come across videos on the internet about luxury and premium cars with motion censoring. All you have to do is brush your hand in the air across the handle and the door will open automatically to a world-class interior. What if we tell you that you can have the same comforting experience in your home? Sounds intriguing right? All you need to do is add in a handmade carpet crafted with New Zealand wool and your luxurious casa is ready.

 New Zealand Wool

Wool from New Zealand is one of the finest materials present in the world. It has been a patent of the country since the past 200 hundred years when the 1st group of settlers set foot on the land.  As the centuries passed, sheep symbolized New Zealand as a nation with the base of wool exports. Though today the sheep population has decreased due to various climatic conditions, once touched 70 million in the early 1980s. Not only superior in quality, but the wool is also 100% pure and renewable, recyclable, bio-degradable, and has essential nutrients beneficial for the vegetation.  It does not stay flat but tends to bounce back and retain its shape and give you a plush pile underfoot.

The epitome of durability and comfort, we at Obeetee craft carpets for you to adorn your home using New Zealand wool. This collection of our rugs is durable, and designed by the renowned designer ‘Mathew Williamson’. Each carpet in the collection features an abstract or a semi-traditional motif to appeal to modern homeowners eyeing an elegant accent to enhance the beauty of their home decor.

Here are a few of the carpets from the collection-

  1. Sunrise-M Hand-Tufted Woollen And Viscose Rug- Hand-tufted with a mixture of viscose and New Zealand wool, the sunrise carpet is like a beautiful landscape for your decor. The abstract portrayal of the sunrise is magical and adds life to your decor with the bright hues. Comfortable and durable, this rug is a fine piece of adornment in areas with high footfall.
  2. Peacock Feather-L Hand Tufted Woollen And VIscose Rug- The peacock motif is a perfect accent for any home decor. It compliments your interior and adds an elegant balance to it. Made with a fusion of New Zealand wool and viscose, this carpet is durable, soft and gives you a plush pile underfoot, making it seem that you are walking on the clouds.

Why New Zealand wool only?

With a variety of wool fibres present in the market the New Zealand wool stands out. Here are a few reasons-

  1. Pure and Natural- Grown with a symphony of green grass, sunshine and clean water, the sheep in the sheep flock are bred in the fine landscapes of new zealand. Free of pollution and the harmful environment of city life, this breeding environment is one of the factors of the purity and natural soft texture of the wool. When used to craft carpets, you will be experiencing luxury underfoot. Soft and plushy, the wool adds a cloud texture to the carpet.
  2. Renewable and biodegradable- Natural in nature, wool fiber is a renewable source. Every year the sheep grows a new fleece nurtured in a safe and hygienic environment. After maturity, the wool is derived and the sheep are nurtured to grow a new one.
    After use, this wool fiber from New Zealand can be easily returned to the soil. With time, the fiber will break down and renew the nutrients of the soil, facilitating healthy plant growth.
  3. Animal Health- Healthier the sheep, finer the wool. The sheep in New Zealand are nurtured with utmost care. Fed with pure food and provided a natural hygienic habitat, the wool grown is of the best quality. Moreover, while shedding the wool off, it is done without affecting the animal's health. This raw and unprocessed wool is then exported to the world.
  4. Stronger than iron- Nothing manmade or natural has the strength that wool fiber has. Consisting of 5 layers, the wool from New Zealand is durable yet soft and feels like a feather underfoot. Cuticle, the outermost layer is the waxy surface that makes the wool repellent. The 2nd layer is called the cortex. This makes up 90% of the fiber and gives the wool its wavy texture. The macro and microfibrils in the third layer add strength to the fiber. The matrix in the fourth layer is what makes wool evaporate the water absorbed easily and keeps it odor free, and the Helix makes the fifth and the last layer. The elasticity, flexibility, and reliance come from the Helix.
  5. Sustainable- Wool fiber is a sustainable fiber. Not only because it occurs naturally but because of the way the sheep flock is grown and taken care of. The growers in New Zealand ensure that the sheep flock is happy and fed on time with quality food. The growers provide them with a stress-free environment.

A lot of alternative materials have now entered the market claiming to have the same qualities as New Zealand wool. However, due to the pandemic of the Covid-19 and other environmental factors, people have started to shift to the ‘natural’ way of living. They now trust only the purest type of materials, occurring naturally. The graph of wool is now seen on a growing path in terms of demand.

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