An Exploration of Naga Craft

The beauty and comfort of the past lie in heirlooms and artifacts. The immortal traditions, native cultures, architecture, and artisanry techniques are threads that keep us connected to our roots.

Exploration of Naga Craft
All this takes us back to a time when life was slow and enjoyable and it was okay not to make every second count, the peaceful era.

As a homeowner in modern times, where the clock just runs by, we understand that it might be difficult for you to seek a few moments of physical and visual comfort. With an aim to provide aid to that, we, Obeetee Carpets have come up with our new collection of cushions, the Naga craft collection.

Traveling all the way from the house of a local artisan secluded in the northeast, crafted with the utmost care, attention, and dedication, designed to add comfort and aesthetics to any room, this collection is inspired by the ‘Naga’ shawl weaving. Through this collection, we bring to you the essence, culture, and beauty of the Northeast to elevate your home decor. Featuring an array of textures, colors, designs, and fine craftsmanship, the naga cushions from our house are the perfect finishing touch required by your decor.

Here are a few pieces from our collection you can explore to liven up your decor:-

  1. Longkhum- Adorn your living room sofa with this classic piece of art, "Longkhum", a cushion crafted by experienced weavers of the northeast using their traditional Naga weaving technique. The Longkhum cushion embodies a traditional design on its durable canvas, adding a warm character to any living space. When paired with your bed pillows, hues of blue brighten up the place with a soothing aura. Made with 100% cotton fiber, this cushion comes mainly in 2 sizes, 16x16/18x18. Add peace to your home decor with the Longkhum cushion.
  2. Shiloi- Inspired by the calmness and beauty of the Shiloi Lake in Nagaland, this cushion brings a touch of luxury and warmth with it. Shiloi cushion is a result of the dedicated craftsmanship of the native artisans of Nagaland. Made with 100% cotton fiber sourced from highly fertile fields, this fine piece comes with hues of red and blue in a striped pattern on a white base. Place this cushion on your bed, sofa, or couch and add sophistication to the atmosphere. The cushion comes in 2 sizes, mainly 16x16 and 18x18.
  3. Saramati- A wavy pattern paired up with a symmetrical striped design, we introduce you to the Saramati cushion from our Naga craft collection. It is an exquisite piece with a warm and inviting vibe. Suitable for sofas and couches, the Saramati is made with 100% of cotton fiber. Adorned with earthy hues, the cushion effortlessly blends in with your furniture and induces a vintage vibe to the surroundings.  It mainly comes in 2 sizes, 16x16 and 18x18.
  4. Sanis- An ideal blend of contemporary and classic charm, Sanis, is a cushion embracing monochromatic shades in a tribal design pattern. Crafted with 100% pure cotton fiber by experienced and native weavers of Nagaland, the cushion adorns your living spaces with modern elegance but in a vintage manner. Immerse yourself in the benevolent character of this cushion and add aestheticism to your spaces. It is available in 2 sizes, 16x and 18x18.
  5. Doyang- Embraced with traditional motifs inspired by tribes of the northeastern part of the country, the Doyang cushion is a masterpiece and the epitome of exceptional craftsmanship and durability. Hand-woven by the local artisans of the area, this cushion fills your space with artistic flairs. Adding character to your home, the cushion is available in 2 sizes, 16x16 and 18x18 respectively. Its monochromatic hues make it an ideal choice to fill spaces with a vintage aura.
  6. Luhevi- The Luhevi cushion is one of the most versatile pieces from our craft cushion collection. Durable and comfortable, it embodies a diverse color palette adorned with traditional northeastern motifs, elevating your living spaces with a transitional touch. Woven using 100% pure cotton fiber, you can get this cushion in 2 sizes, 16x16 and 18x18 respectively. Adorning your living space furniture or pairing it up with bedroom pillows will add sophistication and comfort around you.

We at Obeetee understand our socioeconomic responsibilities. Apart from giving you the means to adorn your homes with northeastern beauty, we aim to support the artisan community. To curate our Naga cushions, we reached out to the native artisans of Nagaland. By doing so, not only we preserved their tradition and culture but also helped them uplift economically along with giving them global recognition.

We at Obetee Carpets offer you a platform to buy cushions online. Meticulously crafted, each of our cushions is made with the best quality materials. The delicate intricacy and fine craftsmanship can be seen in every minute detail of the designs. With our Naga cushion collection, embrace the northeastern transitional spirit and teleport yourself to a world of comfort, beauty, and peace. Create warm, welcoming, and aesthetic spaces inspiring and invite composure, mindfulness, and unforgettable moments.