Five Ways To Keep Rugs From Sliding

Rugs are a great accent piece to adorn one’s home because of the elegance and aestheticism they exude in a space. While most of our rugs come with a latex backing, it is possible that with substantial wear and tear of consistent use, the backing might fade away, resulting in your rig sliding. In times like these, you might sweep off your feet, and not in a good way. We are sure that all of us, at least once have experienced the struggle to prevent our rugs from sliding.

Rugs From Sliding

At Obeetee Carpets, we are not just a brand. We are a finely woven family of professionals working hard every day to curate carpets of high quality for you to adorn your homes with. Each of our carpets is a testament to world-class artistry, sustainability along with top-notch quality. We not only pay attention to the appearance of our rugs but also ensure that the rugs are safe for every member of a home. We use spring materials and grips to keep our carpets wrinkle-free and stay in place to provide a warm and satisfactory experience to our customers.


However, as stated earlier, continuous usage can sometimes make the backing weak and slippery, adding to the friction between the floor, the rug, and your feet. To prevent this from happening, we have come up with a few tips that all homeowners swear by. Let us take a look at some of these so you get not just a plush feeling under your feet, but also a safe feeling your hearts every time you step on your rug.

A few tips about how you can keep your carpets from sliding-

  1. Use Gripper Tape- A good solution to keep small-sized handmade rugs in place. The gripper tape or carpet tape comes in a roll of 2-3 inches wide. You need to adhere small bits of this tape to the edges of your carpet and fix it to the floor. This double-sided tape then sticks itself to the ground, keeping the carpet in one place.  Though successful, in the long term, these need to be replaced periodically.
    Using the gripper tape on big sizes carpets or runners won’t be much of a success. However, it will stop them from curling.
  2. Add in a Felt Rug pad- Felt rug pads are one of the best ways to keep your woven accent from curling, wrinkling, or slipping. Like your carpets, these are Available in almost every shape and size to accommodate different styles of rugs and floorings. Being one of the most common choices, felt rug pads are used widely and are easily available in the market. From standard sizes and thicknesses to customized ones, the rug pads are soft but dense. Unlike gripper tapes, these allow you to move your rug if you wish to vacuum/mop the floor without affecting your floors. These make your carpets thick, increasing their longevity and enhancing their ability of soundproofing. Ideally, the rug pad that you choose should be 2 inches smaller from each side than the size of your handmade rug so that it's completely hidden.
  3. Buy a Waffle-style rug pad- Though different from the felt rug pad in every way, the waffle rug pad is used to keep your handmade carpet from slipping. Usually made of rubber or silicon, these can be cut in any shape and size that you want with a pair of basic scissors. A common and affordable option, the waffle rug pad is very thin as compared to our previous option. Another disadvantage of this rug pad is that it tends to lose its grip over time, and if left in the heat, it might leave some residue. It does keep your handmade rug in place but just like a gripper tape, it needs to be replaced regularly.
  4. Place Corner grippers- Simple, underrated but pretty helpful. These corner gripers are supposed to be placed underneath the rugs at their corners. They have a stick-on that is placed on the carpet, and the other side comes with a silicon grip, which keeps the carpet in one place. These are not just helpful for one thing but also prevent the carpet from curling and disrupting the aesthetic of your decor. Another plus point is that they are so thin yet effective, they are not visible from the top. These grippers might slip on customizes floorings but work best on marble and hardwood floors.
  5. Velcro loops are effective- Similar to the corner grips, these have a sticky side and need to be placed underneath the corners of your handmade rug. The other end will be on the floor and the velcro keeps the carpet attached to it. The removal of the rug is quite easy in case you wish to go for a vacuum run on the floor. All you need to do is peel off, clean and place the rug back.

Might not sound like a major one but wrinkling and sliding of your handmade carpet is a concern. These are just a few of many, but by simply following these 5 suggestions you can keep your rugs intact and help prevent slipping accidents. Make sure that the next time you go rug shopping, your desired rug should have an additional and strong nonslip backing. After all your cherished carpet is not just a knotted piece of adornment but also the base foundation of your home decor.

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