Perfect Ways to Place Kilims in Your Living Room

The heart of your home, the living room is where you host your guests and spend most of your time individually or with your whole family. It is like a canvas that reflects your style and personality. Since most moments are spent here, this area always requires something extra to stand out from the rest of the rooms along with a regular upkeep in style and decor. While wall paintings, tapestries, vases, and showcases add a modern touch to the living area, one of the most essential items to induce a unique character to this room is a carpet. 

Perfect Ways to Place Kilims in Your Living Room

While you wander in the market, you might come across a variety of rugs that you think might suit your living room. But, what you need here is a statement-making piece that is budget-friendly, and minimal yet does justice to what you wish to express through the living room’s decor.

Kilims rugs are a good option in this case. Affordable yet handcrafted, these rugs for the living room feature bold and geometric designs in vibrant shades. These come with a flat weave and are easy to make as compared to other carpets. Made using the flat weave technique, these rugs have emerged from India and are also known as Dhurries. Suitable for the living room, these are highly durable and last long.  We at Obeetee Carpets have an eclectic collection of kilims for you to choose from. Made using only the best quality materials, these come featuring designs and patterns with a transitional touch and blend in with the decor of any style. These effortlessly transform your space and induce a magical allure in your living rooms.

Here are a few ways to place Kilims in your living room decor-

  1. Make it a tapestry- Not all rugs are meant to be on the floor. The personified beauty and simplicity of the kilim rugs make them perfect o be hung on the walls at times. The right kilim rug for the living room can work well behind a sofa or an armchair. The rich pattern and use of vibrant shades in the kilim rugs make them a good backdrop to adorn the living room's wall. Kilim rugs with vivid tones will give the interior a bohemian vibe while the use of kilim rugs with mute tones will fill the space with warmth. 
  2. Use small to add more- Instead of placing a large-sized kilim rug covering the entire seating area or the dining space, use individual rugs, i.e. rugs of small sizes for each space. This will not only enhance the beauty of your living area but will continuity to it. While adding multiple rugs, make sure you choose the right ones. Either the color or their patterns should be in perfect sync. The right combination of kilim rugs will make your living room attractive and pleasing to the eye. Place a rug different rug in the seating area and a similar rug in the dining area. You can choose to add smaller rugs under individual furnishings like the armchair or the side table if you wish to draw people’s attention.
  3. Layering- Handcrafted with precision, the kilim rugs are made on comparatively small looms, and thus are perfect to adorn other large-sized carpets. Layering a kilim rug as a complimentary addition to the main rug in your room will enhance the aura of the space and give your floor a beauty, reminiscent of a finely painted work of art.
    When layering, make sure to choose your main carpets with a minimal pattern and a subtle color palette as kilim rugs never come in one flat color. The versatile and statement-making color palette is what makes them unique.
  4. Centerpiece- By now you might be familiar with the versatility and uniqueness of kilim rugs. When adding one to your lying room, make sure to choose according to the existing decor. Keep in mind the color scheme of your living room and the space available. Kilim rugs tend to take away attention and become the focal point in a second because of their geometric patterns. Make sure to place them near the place where you wish to direct the attention towards. If you have a wall full of awards or if you wish to show off your new piece of furniture, place the kilim rug beside it and watch it work its magic.

Adding Kilim rugs to your living room is like gracing your space with wonder. We at Obeetee Carpets offer you a variety of rugs for living rooms in the category of kilim and Dhurries. Every piece of ours is handcrafted using only the best quality materials in order to be durable and long-lasting. Fill in your space with Indian heritage and grandeur only with our Kilim rugs.