Celebrity Homes: Exploring How Obeetee Carpets Elevate Interior Design

We know that it isn’t just us who imagine having the beauty of the world in our homes. If not that, we all at least desire to incorporate in our homes the Pinterest aesthetics in the mansion shown in any Dharma movie. The royal drapes, classic furniture, tapestries, paintings, decor supplements like vases and flowers, and whatnot. All these items add zeal to the interior of a home, one thing that binds it all together is a handcrafted rug.

Exploring How Obeetee Carpets Elevate Interior Design

When we talk about luxury and sophistication, flashes of opulence and grandeur often start running through our minds. While we only have this in our imagination, homes and mansions owned by celebrities all around the globe have it in reality. More than a royal casa, these spaces are a reflection of their personalities and success. Although it might seem a little impossible to add a royal touch or a celebrity-like aura to your space, we at Obeete Carpets have just the right rugs for you to adorn your homes with and fulfill your desire.

A carpet is what binds your interior together. It is often a statement-making piece that sets the foundation of your home. It is the impression vibe you wish to portray when anyone arrives at your home. If used the right way, a carpet that’s in sync with the furniture, the paint, and the flooring, will add a royal and cinematic character to your space.

Since the 16th century, Mughal emperors have been using carpets to add a celeb-kind feeling to their palaces. Those fine Persian crafts are still adored by the world. All we aim for is to bring that beauty and heritage to your homes.

We Obeetee Carpets, have been working and curating handcrafted carpets for you for over a hundred years.  On the outside, we are a brand expanded globally but deep down, we are a hardworking, well-knotted family creating carpets for the world. Each of our carpets is woven by experienced artisans with only the finest fibers. We express ourselves through the versatile and intricate motifs we embed on the carpet canvas which fill your homes with royalty and elegance.

With opulence and unattainable beauty, we bring heritage to your homes. We actively collaborate with renowned designers across the globe to design our carpets. These designers bring unique weave styles and designs to the carpet canvas. While JJ Valaya brought the Jamawar technique of Jammu and Kashmir, Shantanu and Nikhil add a feeling of independence to theirs. These are just 2, imagine a whole buffet of carpets curated by these renowned artists. Adding a carpet from this collection, you won’t just be making your home reminiscent of a celebrity home but also adding significance to it.

Apart from the designer carpets, we have carpets of different materials, weave styles, and design styles. A Solid shade carpet brings a classy aura to your space. Pairing it with a maximalist look will not only add balance to your room but induce it with elegance. A Persian carpet on the other hand goes best with homes having a minimal interior. This makes the rug stand out and makes it a focal point. Persian rugs are also sued as tapestries. These elevate the existing character of your space and add grandeur to the surroundings. If you wish to create a Boho vibe to your space reminiscent of Aisha’s one BHK flat in the movie Wake-up Sid, a carpet kilim rug with geometric patterns and vibrant hues will do the needful.

To cater to your needs and make you feel like a celeb, we offer you various services at your doorstep.

Understanding the “real life experience” we offer you with our white-glove service. It includes a thorough inspection of your home and space. We bring you a selection of carpets to choose from. Just like clothes in a shopping mall, you can try the rugs in your space and choose the one that satisfies the Dharma kid in you. All you have to do is book an appointment and our white glove crew will be at your service.

Along with this, we have a service for customization. Here, either you can bring us your design or make some tweaks to the existing options that we provide you. You can basically make your own carpet and add your desired celebrity feeling to your home.

In the realm where art is an elevated art form, our weavers add celeb personality to your homes with their fine vision and artisanal skills. These elegant creations are embodiments of luxury, royalty, and grandeur to add elegance to your home in just the right way. As you step on the road to interior design and wish to add a unique character to your space, we at Obeetee Carpets are your perfect companion to create your dream celebrity home.