Fashion-Inspired Obeetee Carpets (Tarun Tahiliani & JJ Valaya)

Fashion and interior design are synonymous concepts. Both are related to your personal preferences and style. Be it clothes or accessories, curtains or wall paintings, in the world of visual appeal, designs and patterns in vibrant hues intrigue our senses with their uniqueness. Whether it's home decor or your outfit, both are an extension of your personality and define your aura. While some people prefer to maintain a simple and minimalist outlook, others prefer hardcore designer articles to enhance their portraits. Then there are some who keep on updating their style according to the trend whilst some stick to the classics. (Trust us, the last choice is the best one).

Fashion-Inspired Obeetee Carpets

In the world of interior design rugs and carpets are the timeless classics, however the designs on the canvas keep on updating.

With some light thrown on that, we at Obeetee Carpets have been preserving and crafting these classic works of art in a modern way. We actively collaborate with designers around the globe to curate designer rugs for your home. These collaborations result in a mesmerizing collection of carpets representing an ideal fusion of fashion and home decor. Introducing these fashion-inspired carpets to your home will effortlessly uplift and add life to your living spaces. Whether you are looking for minimalistic options or carpets with bold and traditional patterns, we at Obeeetee have everything to cater to your needs.

If you are looking to buy designer carpets online, you cannot miss our collections crafted in collaboration with JJ Valaya and Tarun Tahiliani.

The Tarun Tahiliani Collection

Eminent for incorporating the beauty and charm of authentic India, Tahiliani draws his inspiration from the magnificent artistry of Lucknowi Chickankary, abstract art, and antiquity. Proudly using a pure Indian color palette, the designer induces traditional and floral motifs in his designs.

Designed for homeowners eyeing a royal and high-end aura, these designer rugs transcend a classic and timeless character to your living spaces.

Our collection of carpets made in collaboration with Tarun Tahiliani includes a series of artworks, i.e. Lucknowi Chikankari, Indian Miniature paintings, and his usp, abstract art. Each carpet in the entire series is hand-made by highly skilled weavers of Bhadhoi, using only the best quality materials for enhanced comfort, and durability, thus, making them heirloom worthy.

Rugs from the collection-

  1. Brocade Garden Hand-Knotted Woollen And Silk Rug- Hand-knotted to perfection, this silk and wool rug has a lustrous visual appeal, enhanced comfort, and the ability to last generations. Coming from the antique-frame collection by Tarun Tahiliani, the Brocade rug is an ode to the gardens of the Mughal era.
  2. Charbagh Hand Knotted Woolen And Silk Rug- The epitome of fine Chikankari art, the Charbagh is a brown shaded rug exuding a contemporary vibe. In its design, Tarun dismantles the traditional approach of floral motifs and puts the geometrical lines to use. Hand-knotted with wool and silk, the carpet is durable and comes with a natural sheen.
  3. Urban Maze Hand-Knotted Woollen And Silk Rug- Falls in the abstract art collection by Tarun Tahiliani, this rug has been crafted with traditional hand-knotting techniques by fine artisans of Bhadhoi. Featuring signature elements personally preferred by Tahiliani. The urban maze rug comes with a color palette of muted tones in red and brown shades, invoking the perfect essence of Indian royalty.

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Kapurthala by JJ Valaya

Our collaboration with JJ Valaya is indeed a special one. With him, we have given birth to 2 mesmerizing concepts, namely the Jamawar and a series of candid art which capture images of our home Mirzapur and its neighbor Banaras.  Jamawar is an authentic shawl category in Kashmir. Bringing that to the carpet canvas, Valaya has brought to life the culture of Jammu and Kashmir to the global market.

Kapurthala is a marvelous collection that brings a fusion of French motifs and Jamawar of Kashmir. Through this fusion, Valaya has painted designs telling the tales of towns dominating the carpet manufacturing industry. Featuring intricate patterns similar to the Jamawar shawl embroideries, the carpets from this collection add a transitional aura to your home.

Rugs from the collection-

  1. Tabeer Hand-Knotted Silk And Woollen Rug- Inspired by the traditional motifs of ancient India, the rug features floral patents on its lustrous canvas. Hand-knotted with precision, the rug is crafted using wool and silk of the purest quality. The tomb-like structure added by JJ takes the highlight and elevates your home space like the royal court of Aurangzeb.
  2. Khuld Hand-Knotted Silk And Woollen Rug- With a color palette of red and blue, JJ Valaya presents floral motifs with an exquisite border on this rug from the Kapurthala collection. Hand-knotted with wool and silk, the durable canvas comes with a crown-worthy shine, elevating your living space with a timeless character.
  3. Vasyl Blue Hand Knotted Silk And Woollen Rug- The elite blend of ivory on a turquoise base creates an intricate design. Hosting a bold and maximalist traditional motif, the carpet is hand-knotted using international-grade wool and silk. Enhance your living spaces with a choice of kings only with our Vasyl Blue rug.

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The carpets in both of the collections are versatile and blend into your living space decor effortlessly. From the immortal charm of the Mughal royalty to the Indian-french fusion, these carpets paint the canvas of your home and make your interior warm, comfortable, and timeless.

We at Obeetee Carpets offer you a platform to buy designer rugs online. From traditional to contemporary, minimalist to maximalist, we craft designer hand-knotted rugs for your living spaces and corridors making it easy for you to induce magic in your home.