From Floor to Wall: Creative Ideas for Hanging Obeetee Carpets

‘Variety is the spice of life’, and creativity is its essence. It is basic human nature to be prepared for the usual. While on the other hand, something unexpected, appealing or not, immediately catches your eye.

Interior design today is not just limited to painting your walls with the right color and getting the ideal furniture or decor items like rugs and frames to aesthetically elevate your living spaces. It's about creatively adorning your home in any way to make it visually appealing and give it a unique character just like your personality. Homeowners nowadays have started to adapt to the concept of unusual. One trending idea of adornment is using handmade carpets. This might not sound amusing but the trick is to use these carpets on the walls along with the floors. 

Creative Ideas for Hanging Obeetee Carpets

Apart from having significance, handmade carpets are nothing less than beautifully crafted artworks. Just like creating a timeless painting requires patience, dedication, creativity, and manhours,  we at Obeetee Carpets craft artistic rugs meticulously, adorned with various designs withholding significant meanings and a timeless aura to offer you a means to elevate your living spaces.

Here are a few tips and ideas regarding how to use Obeetee Carpets  as tapestries-

  1. It adds texture- Dressing up a wall with a handmade carpet is like adding a unique character to it. Covering the wall at the back of your bed or the main wall in your living area brightens up the room and gives identification to the wall with a unique texture. Not only this, but most of the people looking at a concept like this will dwell in adoring creativity and beauty.
  2. Making a statement- The home decor is an extension of the homeowner’s personality. Hanging a rug on your wall or covering it entirely will add a distinctive character to your home. It will make the guest understand your personality and the house environment.
  3. Adding comfort- Made with materials like wool and cotton, these carpets help create a comfortable and warm environment both practically and figuratively. Adorning a wall with a rug instead of a Monet or Van Gogh will fill your space with an inviting aura.
  4. Make it a curtain- Not every residence is keen on hanging a rug. The ones who do, stand out from the others. Another way of hanging a handmade carpet is to use it as a curtain. In order to do so, you need to pick the right place and mount it on the wall, hang the carpet across and you are good to go. This place might work as a focal point of your home, thus getting you all the appreciation and compliments.
  5. Soundproofing- The echo is more of an excuse than a problem of hanging a rug or covering a wall with one. Made with thick and durable materials, handmade rugs act as sound absorbers and reduce disturbance.
  6. Showpieces- We are pretty sure that it isn’t just us but all of you fall in the category of keeping expensive items stored for a while and taking extra care of those. Handmade carpets are such items. Ranging from a few thousands to major lakhs, these are more like investments. Durable and visually appealing, these last long enough to be passed on as family heirlooms. People often take extra care of these handmade carpets and avoid placing them on the floor. They use these carpets as showpieces by simply placing them on a stand as an undisturbed painting.

Handmade carpets used on the walls are called tapestries. These are usually designed with the intention of ‘not to be placed on the floor’, however practically it is purely your decision. Earlier these wall-to-wall carpets were used for mere insulation but today, visual appeal is what takes the limelight.

When it comes to materials, an ideal tapestry should be made with nylon, a polyamide used for its durability, versatility, and comfort. Fibers like wool, silk, cotton, etc can also be used.

We at Obeetee do not just sell handmade carpets in India but in the global market as well. We have one of our retail stores in New York and have another opening soon in Dubai.

Withholding a legacy of 102 years, we offer carpets and rugs made with materials of the finest quality to last for generations to come. Each of our handmade rugs online is a testament to our fine artistry and craftsmanship. With a variety of designs, we keep on curating carpets for you that effortlessly blend in your living spaces irrespective of the way they are used.

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