Three generations of weavers nurtured by Obeetee

In the rushing world today, trends emerge and fade away within a blink of an eye. People dwell on following the latest fashion, purchasing newly launched items, and keeping themselves up to date. However, the most beloved things cannot be bought. There is something in our lives that remains constant. Some trends and items stand against the test of time, preserving the heritage and traditions of la familia. These things withhold significance and importance and are passed down to future generations.  

Three generations of weavers nurtured

A heirloom doesn't need to be something in particular. From materialistic objects to religious practices, it can be anything that has been in the family for several generations. While your family may have an object, we at Obeetee Carpets have the Art of Weaving. 

Dating back to the Mughal rule when the artisans of Persia came to India and taught their craft of weaving carpets to the Indian weavers. These skilled weavers then passed on this knowledge and skill to future generations. In 1920, a dusty old town near the Grand Trunk Road embarked the House of Obeetee. The administration was started by 3 britishers but was carried forward and is still kept alive by the native artisans of Bhadohi. With a legacy of more than 100 years, we are proud when we say that we’ve nurtured 3 generations of weavers. Started by the grandparents of a few of our artisans, we have entire families and generations of weavers involved in the art of weaving carpets.

Let us help you paint a fine picture. Imagine a grandfather, an expert in the art of weaving teaching his son how to tie a single knot with precision. Patiently adores and teaches him for years while he sits beside and learns, finally gets a twinkle in his eye when his son weaves his 1st carpet. Carrying forward this fine artistry and creativity, the son weaves with his father to support the household, and till the time he becomes a father himself. As the circle of life revolves, now the little angel of the house is sitting with his old man and his grandfather, watching them and learning one knot at a time just like his father did. Mastering the art of weaving over time under the guidance of 2 of his teachers. Beautiful, isn’t it? This is what Obeetee Carpets is about.

Just like genes and genetics, our weavers have passed down this magic of hands from generation to generation. This practice of weaving is more than art or a means to livelihood. It is an emotion, a connection that has bonded them together. Weavers at our factory in Mirzapur are live proof of how the art of weaving has been deeply rooted in our cultural heritage. 

In today’s world of evolution, we at Obeetee Carpets plan to preserve this art for as long as time. We offer carpets to the world crafted by these weavers using their traditional and cultural hand-knotting, hand-tufting, and flat-weaving techniques. Crafted using only the best quality materials, each of our carpets have a hint of heritage not because of the design but the type of weave. Each knot in our carpets is a symbol of love, tradition, and unity. It is a harmonic connection between you and history, made possible because of our weavers. 

Intending to preserve the art of weaving and also as a social responsibility, we operate as a family and not a corporation. We actively carry out activities to uplift the standard of living of our weavers. We opened schools for their children, offering them scholarships, and we gave them a platform for exploration and success. Over the past 5 years, we have encouraged and empowered 1800 women weavers to take up the art of weaving and support their families. From job generation to empowerment, we aim to uplift the town of Mirzapur in every way. Not only this, all our carpets are not woven in factories, but rather in the comfort of the weavers' home. From our headquarters in Mirzapur, our production officials and foremen visit each loom, at least once every fortnight. The looms are spread over 100,000 sq. km., stretching across 7 villages.

The story of our weavers is a tale of dedication, affection, artistry, and most importantly legacy. Their commitment to crafting each rug using traditional techniques is a testament to the fine way we have preserved the art of weaving. Every carpet crafted at our house at Mirzapur is not just a piece of decor but a work of art and a result of generational craftsmanship. We at Obeetee Carpets will keep on preserving the art of carpet weaving and make sure to spread our heritage in the global world. After all, ‘we are makers at heart, handmade is our heritage and our choice’. 

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