Obeetee Carpets Catering to Furry Friends

The warmth and love you get just by playing with your furry friend cannot be expressed through words. The wiggling tale, the happy Tippi-taps, and the playful welcome jumps are stress busters and give you emotional comfort and relaxation from your hectic life. Since these little friends of ours give so much to us, it's our duty to give something back.

Obeetee Carpets for dog

Comfort is a concept familiar to every living being. Be it a human or a pet animal, comfort is something sought by all. When it comes to home people enhance their decor with items giving them a visual and physical means to relax. Just like a mattress gives support to your back, a carpet gives you comfort underfoot on the floor.

Human or a pet parent, all one aims to do is provide his little one with an easement. While it's simple to pick rugs and carpets for the playroom of your toddler, it is a little tricky when you have to choose a carpet for your pet. Just like humans, pets also catch a few allergies to certain materials. Thus, when picking a rug if you have a furry friend in your home, you need to research the market thoroughly and pick just the right carpet in terms of quality, material, and durability.

Keeping a pet in consideration while picking a carpet is not a common concept. We at Obeetee Carpets offer you a platform to buy carpets online. From wool to recycled polyester, durability to comfort we have a chic collection of carpets that are ideal choices for you to browse the right rug from.

How to choose the correct rug for pets-

Before you make the purchase, analyze your pet’s personality. Whether it is an active lad or a lazy one, how much he sheds on a scale of one to ten, its medical history,  some of its common habits, etc. All these factors will help you decide the quality, type, and material of the rug you need to choose.


Pets are active little beings. They run all around the house, bring in dirt and debris, shed hair, and do not forget the occasional digging sessions. It is viable to choose a rug that is highly durable. Hand-tufted rugs made with natural materials like wool and jute or artificial fibers like recycled polyester are the right choices. These rugs have high strength, and cannot be damaged easily. 


Accidents do not occur by knocking on the door. It is important to pick a carpet that has a good resistance against stains and odors. With a pet in your home, it is advised to go for a low-cut pile. This will keep the dirt on the carpet canvas, making it easier for you to clean. This won't let the hair or the dust embed in the carpet and a simple vacuum run will sort things out for you. However, once in a while reach out to professional cleaning services.


Keep your pet’s medical conditions(if any) in mind and choose a rug with a material that does not trigger any of its allergies. Apart from this, choose a durable but soft rug as pets love a cosy play and rest area. Wool here can be a viable option. It is a stain-resistant natural fiber, with a texture oh’ so soft on your pet’s skin. A rug made with recycled polyester infused with cotton can be another good choice. These rugs have high durability with a soft and comforting texture. These rugs are also easy to maintain and able to withstand the occasional bites and digging.


Pets love a warm and soft environment. The right carpet provides them with a comfortable and cozy place to play upon. Make sure to pick a fiber that apart from being durable, has soft feathers and sufficient plush pile. A strong base with a soft top is necessary here since pets tend to drag themselves and feel the softness all over their body.


Obviously while picking a carpet for your pet, it is important to keep it as the main factor of consideration. But it is also important to keep your home aesthetics into account. Make sure to pick a carpet that is versatile to blend in with your home decor and your pet’s personality.

We at Obeetee Carpets have versatile options. Our collection of pet rugs is top-notch. Not only easy to maintain, and suitable but our rugs are stylish and come featuring a variety of designs to match your pet’s personality and also complement your home decor. Made with only the best quality materials, our rugs for pets are durable, comfortable, and the best in the market.

Give your furry friend a warm and cozy play space only with our Pet-friendly rugs.