The Symbolism and Meaning of Carpet Designs: Examining the Significance of the Intricate Patterns and Motifs Used in Traditional Carpet Designs

The world is a domain of diverse cultures co-existing in harmony. A kaleidoscope of designs, traditions, and symbols adds elegance around the globe with each having its own significance. Identifying a ritual might not be an easy task as these go beyond the limits of manuscripts and textbooks. Today, these cultures are not just considered facts of the past, they succeed with us in contemporary ways as we continue going forward. In the present, people actively infuse these cultures into their lives in order to embrace the environment around them with heritage and add significance to it.

The Symbolism and Meaning of Carpet Designs

One such way of doing so is home decor. While there is no shortage of inspiration over the internet to adorn your home, we at Obeetee Carpets offer you rugs online featuring a variety of traditional motifs on durable canvases to elevate your home with cultural aesthetics and meaning.

When you are able to understand the origin of the design or symbol, it gets much easier to read the motif. While in the commercialization era, these traditional designs are revamped with a modern touch to cater to today’s world, older undisturbed pieces can still be read and offer insights about the history. Having the relevant knowledge will give you a better understanding and clarity about the type of carpet design you wish to adorn your home with.

Let's dive into the details of some of the popular motifs-

  1. Persian Motifs- Floral prints, medallions, and other intricate traditional designs are usually inspired by the Persian motifs, popular during the Mughal era. Not limited to this, the Persian inspiration is also defined by elements of nature and pictorial designs dating back to history.
  2. All Over Designs- these are designs featured all over the rug canvas in a repetitive pattern. The Herati pattern is one such motif. This contains leaves as the main element along with small fish-shaped structures at the borders. This signifies the unity and co-existence of elements of nature.
  3. Medallions- Found its way in the 16th century over the carpet canvas, it is a symmetrical motif knotted intricately. Adding a carpet of one such motif will add a historic and contemporary aura to your decor. We at Obeetee Carpets curate transitional carpets for you to keep you connected to your roots in a modern way.
  4. Pictorial- The master weavers of Kimran started this trend, they shifted from the traditional and abstract patterns of flowers and symmetrical structures to weaving real-life situations on the canvas. Through these designs, we can get a glimpse of the scenes of war, hunting, and the country life of the historic times. Adding a carpet with a pictorial design will lend a strong character to your space.
  5. Shapes- Often come in symmetrical and geometrical patterns when drawn on a carpet canvas. This symmetry speaks of harmony and co-existence. Adding a geometric rug to your home will create a more calm and peaceful aura in your living spaces.

  6. Animal Prints- Each and every animal has its own significance. While a lion represents strength a dove expresses peace. Designs incorporating such animals add a sense of spirituality, prosperity, safety, etc, respectively to you your home.
  1. Bohemian- a design of this category is featured on a carpet canvas in earthy colors. It has geometrical patterns but with a traditional touch. Adding carpets featuring this pattern will elevate your living spaces with French elegance. We at Obeetee offer you a variety of rugs to adorn your living spaces. Each of our bohemian rugs holds significance and adds meaning and depth to your home.

Some of our traditional rugs are-

  1. Elephant Flower Knotted Woollen And Viscose Rug- Elephant is a symbol of grandeur and royalty. Elevate your home decor with a grand-type elegance only with our elephant rug., Hand-knotted with a fusion of wool and viscose this rug belongs to the Anita Dalmia collection. Adorned with tiny elephant motifs, the rug presents Rajwadi's way of life and is a representation of the Western culture of our country.
  2. Janat Hand Tufted Woollen And Viscose Rug- Janat or “Paradise Heaven '', is a hand-tufted rug with a traditional design. Crafted with attention to the slighted detail, the rug is made with wool and viscose of premium quality. Durable and comfortable, this rug adds a timeless aura and meaning to your living space.

C.Zayan Hand Tufted Woollen Rug- Hand-tufted by experienced artisans of Bhadhoi, the Zayan Rug is made with wool of premium quality. Featuring Oushak and Khotan, designs inspired by the Persian motifs on its canvas, the rug boasts durability. Soft and comforting underfoot this rug adds a timeless character and royalty to your interior. Comes in natural tones to blend in effortlessly with your interior, the Zayan rug is a traditional piece crafted for homeowners eyeing a vintage aura. 

Traditional carpets are magnificent pieces to adorn your homes with. Every symbol is a narrative of history, spiritualities, and communities across the globe. We at Obeetee, bring you a platform to buy traditional carpets online. On our website, you will find carpets induced with designs and symbols that portray meaning and significance. As we move on forward with innovation, we keep taking these traditions with us. Each of our carpets is made with materials of the finest quality for enhanced comfort, and visual appeal and to last for generations to come in order to keep them connected to our cultural roots. If you wish to add meaning and cultural significance to your home, adorning it with a traditional carpet from Obeetee is the right choice.