Cushions by Obeetee

The House of Obeetee has introduced their dynamic range of cushions and pillows, after having produced magnificent carpets for over a century now. Much like our rugs and carpets, our cushions and pillows add the perfect finishing touch of elegance and regalia to any decor space. True to its name, Obeetee has created a line of these cushions and pillows which elevate the decor of any space, at the same time, welcoming comfort, relaxation and sustainable luxury inside homes effortlessly.

Cushions by Obeetee

The Cushion and pillow collection features a variety and a range of premium quality materials that have been incorporated in the manufacturing process of these products. The collection is an attempt to bring to life stories painted skillfully  on the threads of Obeetee and on the fine quality fibres that we are known to incorporate. This range features a playful amalgamation of colours, textures, designs and patterns to bring inside your home for the added touch of vibrancy, comfort, and a kick of refreshing energy inside your abode in the peak of the blossoming summer.

As we have discussed in a previous blog,  A Bohemian Decor Theme for your home, where we have in detail looked at some elements and facts about carving the perfect Bohemian decor theme for your space, we have made sure to include some of our cushions and pillows from our eclectic range, that form the perfect fit in a design setup that is bohemian in spirit and wholly chic in character. The Bohemian decor theme is defined by a style that is non-conformist and unconventional, thereby not following hard and fast rules of structure. The very core of the Bohemian decor lifestyle is to incorporate elements that reflect one’s personal style, personality and offer a glimpse into the spirit of the homeowner. Therefore, to achieve something as uniquely expressive of oneself, a lack of structure, and at the same time a whole lot of experimenting can help you attain the perfect Bohemian house of your dreams.

In this blog, we unveil to you 5 beautiful pieces from our array of cushions and pillows that can be the perfect additions to your Bohemian themed house.

  • Kezia Printed Cushion Cover: A beautiful specimen from our printed cushion collection, the Kezia cushion cover is a rustic and traditional piece, extremely suitable in a Bohemian decor setup. Soft, smooth and made with equal parts wool and cotton fibre, the patterns and the textures on the cushion cover is the ideal choice for homeowners looking to transform their living room spaces, as well as their bedroom spaces.
  • Fazia Printed And Embroidered Cushion Cover: The Fazia printed and embroidered cushion cover is adorned with tribal motif patterns, and features interesting designs. Made with wool and cotton, it is extremely durable and sustainable. The whites and the beiges and the rusts are perfect additions to a bohemian decor setup and would fit perfectly in any corner of your space.
  • Zaria Printed Cushion Cover: The Zaria Printed Cushion cover features an effortless blend of the blacks with the beiges, in perfect harmony with the interesting Bohemian designs and patterns dotted over the entirety of the canvas. Made with 100% Panipat Cotton, this cover is soft, smooth and provides cool comfort in the heart of your home, on your sofa, in your bedroom or on the diwan.
  • Firda Printed Cushion Cover: The Firda printed cushion cover encapsulates the essence of the Bohemian spirit and lack of structure in the form of a blend of designs and patterns, interesting textures and a pop of orange and the rusts. The cushion cover features geometric designs and is made entirely out of Panipat Cotton, making it comforting and relaxing for the summer season.
  • Amra Printed And Embroidered Cushion Cover: A perfect specimen of interesting Kilim patterns on a multi-colored canvas, the true essence of Bohemian beauty, the Amra printed and embroidered cushion cover is made with a perfect mix of woollen yarn and Panipat cotton. The playful rusts and the beiges do not overwhelm but are perfectly balanced to go with a beige or cream sofa set or just for additions as back supports and for diwans.

What makes this eclectic range of cushion covers and pillows stand out even more is the fact that they are made entirely using sustainable materials like wool yarn and Panipat cotton. They are highly durable, easy to maintain and extremely dynamic and versatile to transform or tie the entire decor and the theme of the house together. Check out our range of cushions and pillows on our website featuring vibrant colors and patterns to bring to life the Bohemian haven of your dreams.