5 Floral Carpets to Redecorate your Home

Spring is in full bloom, and capturing the freshness and vigour of the season inside your abode on the plush surface of a carpet is a perfect way to celebrate it. You’d be surprised to know that floral motifs and patterns have been around since the 11th and 13th centuries. They were etched over silk and ikat cloth textiles across Asia and adorned tapestries like carpets and rugs in Eastern Central asia. It is no wonder as to why floral patterns are so commonly incorporated in textiles of all kinds and have a charm of their own, incomparable to any other motif or pattern.

Floral motifs garnered a separate popularity of their own, and instead of replacing them to go for a more classical or traditional motif, artisans included florals among traditional motifs to add to the elegance of tapestries, textiles, ceramics, and artefacts.

Floral Carpets to Redecorate your Home

It was after the initiation of the Silk Road that floral patterns traveled further West and made their way into Europe, increasingly making the pattern widespread and a common symbol known to the whole world, explaining their extensive use till today. Furthermore, the inception of chintz fabric in India made floral patterns a regular feature in textiles. The floral chintz fabric comes in a variety of floral patterns, dotted with long, swirling vines, exquisitely synthesised with blooming flora in subtle hues.

The floral motifs reached their peak during the reign of the Ottomans. It is because of this reason that a lot of ancient and mediaeval era carpets feature intricate, yet extensive floral motifs cushioning the canvas in a more than elegant manner. The era that lasted from 1520 to about 1730 CE was referred to as the “Tulip Era” because of the massive celebration of floral motifs, especially, the tulips during this era.

The annals of history, and the 1960s especially, are rife with fashion movements that celebrated the flower as a symbol representing a variety of things for diverse communities of people. The birth of the bohemian way of life embraced floral motifs and continues to captivate people with a modern outlook for their spaces. We bring together 5 carpets that celebrate floral motifs on our plush canvases.

  • Devon Hand Knotted Woollen Rug: The Devon Hand-knotted woollen rug is abundant with traditional Mamluk floral motifs. Complete with the deep pinks and the rich blues, the colours unite to paint a picture on the floor of any space.
  • Nolaa Hand Knotted Woollen Rug: Our Nolaa Hand-Knotted woollen rug is a medieval era Persian painting come to life. Replete with Oushak floral motifs and creepers crawling on the wide canvas, the deep blues, and browns add to the charm of this rug.
  • Tree Of Life Hand Knotted Woollen Rug: This hand-knotted rug is made of superior quality yarn, and represents a traditional Persian design scheme. The ‘Tree of Life’ features roots and branches extending outwards, symbolising the power of nature to give birth and nurture. Beautifully adorned with deep rusts, rich greens and hints of gold, the rug highlights the floral motifs that cover the canvas intricately.
  • Serapi-B Hand Tufted Woollen Rug: A magnificent specimen of Persian Qashqai artistry and excellent craftsmanship, the Serapi-B Hand-tufted woollen rug is a fine quality accent. Brimming with rich shades of reds, pinks, rusts and maroons, the core of the rug features intricate floral motifs that steal the show and add the touch of elegance wherever they are placed.
  • Suzani Hand Tufted Woollen Rug: The Suzani Hand-Tufted woollen rug features playful floral motifs on the entirety of the canvas, reminiscent of a painting or decor from a royal household. The bright coloured floral motifs over a muted grey canvas beautifully highlight the motifs and bring the carpet to life, to liven up the atmosphere of any atmosphere.

Floral motifs and patterns are definitely here to stay. Floral designs and patterns are transitional and are extremely adaptable to both traditional and contemporary spaces, both on the ground to tie up the decor together or on the wall as a painting. Let spring blossom inside your abode and fill it with calm and serenity. Check out more floral rugs on www.obeetee.in