The Most Trending Colors Of the Year 2023

If you are an art aficionado, a connoisseur of luxury or are simply interested in doing the decor of your space, you would definitely acknowledge the importance of colors when it comes to designing and carving a space that embodies you. Modern decor is all about the expression of oneself through one’s home decor. A well-decorated space filled with vibrant colors and designs can greatly uplift the mood of the homeowners and transform the overall atmosphere of the house. From the bright yellows to the refreshing greens, from the breathable and comfy neutrals, perfect for the hot season to the soothing, calming blues, and from the warmth-filled earthy tones to the shiny palette consisting the hues of the rainbow, colors play a significant role in our lifestyle choices and are a key element in home decor.

The Most Trending Colors

Colors in home furnishings are an important first step in assembling your space. It becomes pertinent to ascertain which color needs to go with a specific colored furniture so as to tie the decor of the house together, and at the same time ensure that no color comes out too strongly and overpower the rest of the decor or the design schemes.

To add more vibrancy and color for the kick of energy inside the heart of your home, rugs can be a great help. Carpets not only elevate the aura and the look and feel of your space but also create depth and spaciousness in narrow areas. The right colors with the right furnishings, arranged according to a specific theme or transitional themes can really create a positive, healthy and happy atmosphere inside your haven, making it the home of your dreams.

We have picked out the 5 most trending colors of the year 2023 for you to go for when purchasing a rug and painting stories inside your home.

1) Grey: Homes that have a neutral backdrop can incorporate Grey rugs that go well with the overall tone of the house. Our Rumi Hand Tufted Woollen And Viscose Rug features shades of greys, reminiscent of the dark skies before a heavy pouring, resembling an interesting watercolor texture and a rugged design pattern, suited for a home with a minimalist decor theme or for a Bohemian decor theme.

2) Blue: Coastal bliss is a collection that celebrates the calming, soothing blues. The feeling of being near the seaside as the temperatures continue to rise, the refreshing and cool blue rugs are easily a favorite when it comes to adorning rugs. The Marian Hand Woven Woollen Dhurrie is a blue and beige flat-weave, perfect for both the indoors and the outdoors, and ideal for a contemporary setup. Extremely minimalistic, it features geometric patterns that go well with earthy tones.

Our Ocean Hand Tufted Woollen Rug is also a beautiful addition for the summer, with its airy look and feel and cool and refreshing palette.

3) Beige: The Mid Summer Breeze Hand Tufted Woollen Carpet is a beautiful specimen of beige on a rug. Subtle, soft and pastely, this Beige color carpet will add the sense of comfort and warmth in transitional homes. Highly adaptable and durable, our mid-summer breeze carpet is, as its name suggests, a breeze of fresh air in the hot summer months.

4) Multi-colored: The Eden Hand Knotted Woollen Rug is an extremely vibrant rug with abstract design schemes and patterns. Aptly suited for home decor themes which are transitional, this rug would add the pop of colour perfect for a maximalist themed home. Our Retro Block-V Hand Tufted Woollen Rug, is another exquisite multi-colored accent that is the perfect choice for a maximalist decor theme, for that added energy and zest that these alluring shades provide to a space.

5) Green: The Oriental Hand Knotted Woollen And Silk Rug is a magnificent traditional piece of art, ideal for a classical setup. Splendidly adorned with animal and floral motifs over the nurturing and fresh greens. The green color provides comfort, space and versatility with regards to mixing and matching with other home decor elements.

Colors abound in nature and these are 5 of the most trending colors that interior designers and architects alike predict will rule home decor this year. Adaptable, versatile, dynamic and most importantly, made with natural AZO free-dyes, greys, blues, beiges, multis and green will continue to be the most popular and trendy choices when it comes to home decor and lifestyle themes. Check out more shades and palettes on the website.