A Bohemian Decor Theme for your home

A Bohemian decor theme is a trendy lifestyle choice for a home decor in the modern day and age. The term ‘Boho’ goes back to 19th century France, derived from the French word bohémien. Although it was not until the late 19th century that it was coined to refer to the Romani people who were thought to have come from Bohemia in the Czech Republic. The basis of the Romani living was exclusion from the mainstream and thriving on a lifestyle that is different from all other communities, people and cultures.

A Bohemian Decor Theme for your home

Eccentric, beatnik, unconventional, non-conformist, offbeat, etc are some terms that aptly describe the Boho culture. Surprisingly, the Boho culture was romanticized as being unconventional and free-spirited and the word Bohemian came to describe students, artists, writers, or intellectuals who had an avant garde approach towards life and their art.

A similar theme and the need to celebrate the offbeat and the experimental, echoes in the Bohemian style of decor and interior designing. Bohemian decor themes are characterized by a lack of definition, a lack of structure, a lack of hard and fast rules when it comes to the setup. That is the essence of the Bohemian style and theme. There is, interestingly, a space for carefree designs, patterns, motifs, layers and layers of colors, textures and design.

The crux and the essence of the bohemian decor aesthetic is the expression of oneself and one’s identity through a space or decor that is personal, yet extremely alluring. A space for one’s absolute comfort yet also a space that offers the comfort to work in. Bohemian decor themes are hence made especially according to the fancy of the owner of the space, for the absolute peace and form of expression of the owner of the space alone. In this blog, we help you choose some of our cushions and rugs that elevate the Bohemian decor theme of your house to express yourself in the most apt and perfect way possible.

1) Leven Hand Knotted Woollen Rug: This exquisite hand-knotted woollen rug is a beautiful addition to our Bohemian Lifestyle and the Gypsy Oasis collection. Beautifully adorned with the pastel and the dark shades of blues, the rug features Mamluk design motifs in the form of floral motifs, assembled in medallions on the canvas of the rug giving it an alluring charm. Cool colors and soft and smooth underfoot feeling, this rug is transitional, ideal for a bohemian design decor setup.

2) Amanda Hand Tufted Woollen Rug: The Amanda Hand-Tufted Woollen rug is an exquisite example of antique rugs inspired by the antique Qashqai rug motifs and patterns. A beautiful amalgamation of the blues and the rusts, the rug is hand-tufted using sardianan wool and offers a plush underfoot and a lustrous look and feel. Refute with designs and patterns and textures and colors, it would make a great addition to a house with a bohemian decor setup.

3) Sadia Printed Cushion Covers: The perfect addition to your bohemian themed decor space, the Sadia Printed Cushion cover is made with 100% Panipat cotton and comes in two sizes. The celebration of the rusts and the beiges on a muted canvas is perfect for your sofa, elevating the entire couch area or the bedroom space with colors that paint stories wherever they are placed in.

4) Sarvan Printed And Embroidered Cushion Cover: An exquisite piece from our printed cushion collection, the Sarvan Printed and embroidered cushion cover comes in vibrant multi colors, embroidery and  flat-weave styles. Made purely of Panipat Cotton, this cushion cover is extremely soft and smooth, making it the ideal choice for a bohemian decor themed house.

5) Sendhil Printed And Embroidered Cushion Cover: Comfort and self-expression, the Sendhil Printed and Embroidered Cushion cover is the perfect addition to a bohemian decor setup. A beautiful specimen combining ethnic and contemporary patterns, this cushion cover is extremely transitional, dynamic and sustainable. Made with 100% Panipat cotton, this exquisite cushion cover features interesting designs and textures, perfect to adorn the heart of your house.

Now that you are equipped about what is it that your Bohemian Decor theme house needs to incorporate, get going on your journey to carve a space of your own that reflects and expresses you. You can check out the Bohemian Lifestyle or the Gypsy Oasis collection on our website for a variety of additions to your Bohemian themed spaces. 

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