Handloom carpets for your home

In the fast developing era of technology and science, we have seen AI tools perform better on tests, machines churning out products faster than human labour, and robots clean better than a homemaker himself. However, in between all the advancements in science and tech, if there is one thing that no Robot, AI, or machine can completely overtake is, the creative essence of being human.

Handloom carpets

When an artisan sews flowers on a rug that he has woven with his skilled, patient, and determined hands, it is not only the final product that makes the artefact so special, but the entire process of his creation that is so forbearing. This process, as every thread of the final product proves, stands as a perfect witness to this slow yet arduous flow of skill that makes up every handcrafted carpet. The journey he undertakes as he steps out of his house to handpick the perfect, plush yarn to acquire the right material for his rug; the effort he takes to sit straight regardless of the weather on the porch of his humble hut to create the knots of his carpet, and the way his thoughts streaming through his human brain give shape to the curves of the final design, are all the factors that make the process of handcrafting exquisite.

Oh so common yet extraordinary it is to be human. We at Obeetee Carpets, celebrate and value the human essence and our artisans’ passion for their craft; and that is the reason why everything we make is handcrafted. A small tour of our website can give you a glimpse of our wide range of collections that feature carpets ranging from Hand Knotted, Hand Tufted, to flatweaves.

We love handcrafted and are certain that so do you. This is why in this week’s blog, we discuss the 5 best carpets in our handloom category, and at the end of this blog, and we will also be sharing a secret. Keep on reading till you reach the end.

All things handloom

Weaving a rug by hand on a vertical loom with a mounted warp is the traditional method used to create handloom carpets. The standard of the end result is established throughout the weaving process, and two pairs of crisscrossing threads form the rug's foundation. A tiny thread is then used to push the fibre strands together. The pile's height is proportional to the rod's diameter. In contrast to their machine-made counterparts, hand-woven carpets include a finished edge seal.

The rug goes through a chemical cleaning procedure soon after the weaving is finished. The comfortable effect is due to the yarn being softened. As time goes on, the rug is dipped in water and dried in the sunlight.

Some of the benefits of this work of art are as follows:

  1. Handwoven rugs add elegance to your home.
  2. Maintain the grip of your feet on the floor.
  3. Absorb noise.
  4. Maintain the indoor warmth.

Now that you have all the information you need about the handloom category, let us list out 5 best handloom carpets for your home.

1) Contour Hand Loom Wool And Cotton Rug

A carefully crafted canvas with flowy wave-like texture, the Contour rug is a rug crafted with a modernistic approach. This handloom is perfect for the vibes of the summer, due to the muted beige tone it has been coloured with. Thanks to the Premium quality yarns of wool and cotton used for its construction, the rug feels extremely soft to the touch, and lasts long in those high traffic nooks of your home. This rug, the detailing on its soft surface which has been created by cutting the pile from certain areas, adds depth to any furniture setup, and creates a cool summer atmosphere in your home.

2) Geometric Hand Loom Recycled Polyester Rug

If you have been a regular reader, you are aware by now of our never-ending love for geometric motifs. Recurring geometric patterns in diamond shapes give this rug an extremely elegant appeal. The uniformity in design on its canvas makes this rug a perfect choice for homes that call for an understated makeover. If you are someone who likes maximalist designs, we suggest you try the minimalism of this rug for a change. With a combination of mere two shades of blue and ivory, this rug is perfect for traditional as well as those contemporary homes alike. You can have almost have any colour walls in your home, and this rug will easily blend in with them, as if it was specifically crafted for your home. Talking specifications, we if you need any specific details to be added, or changed in your rugs, we also provide customisation services for the same. Head to our website to know more about services offered to our homeowners.

3) Indigo Hand Loom Recycled Polyester Dhurrie

A simple, and sophisticated design appeal, the Indigo handloom rug is just the rug every home needs. The minimalistic design appeal that features a blank beige centre makes it adaptable to those modern ambiances, while the detailed borders with intricate geometric and recurring patterns placed parallel on two of its sides provide it with an aesthetic that complements even the traditional maximalist setups. Available in 5 different sizes, the rug can be placed in any space of a home, ranging from your living room, bedroom, kitchen, balcony, and even in the outdoor picnic spots. The rug is easy to maintain because of its light weight and durable materials.

4) Leaf Sa Handloom Woollen Rug

The bright and wonderful design of this indoor/outdoor carpet is matched only by its durability and suitability for high traffic areas. This versatile rug will provide an air of understated elegance to any space with its appealing mix of traditional and modern patterns, soothing colour palettes, and great textures. Soft, stylish and Reminiscent of vintage styles, the Leaf Sa rug lends an immutable vibe to the décor.

5) Colours of craft collection

Now comes the big reveal we discussed at the beginning of the blog. Obeetee Carpets will soon be unveiling its latest collection of flat weaves that are not just good for your home, but also the planet. We truly believe that it is the responsibility of brands and individuals alike to be more responsible towards the environment, and therefore try to find out ways to mould our lifestyle into a sustainable one. If you needed a jumpstart with this endeavour, we hope, with our latest collection Colours of Craft, you will be able to do that. The materials in this collection are all sustainable as we have only used BCI cotton, the wool is RWS certified, and for the colours we have only used natural dyes, derived by fruits and vegetables. Moreover, the collection offers 12 colour variations, and within the 12 days of purchasing the carpet, you can customise it to any colourway that suits your preference. The rugs under this collection are solely woven with hands, with no latex backing which makes these rugs the perfect floor furnishing for your sustainable home.

For more information about this collection, head to our website at www.obeetee.in