5 Ways to Add Chicness: Accent Furniture Pieces That Elevate Your Living Space

Bricks, marble, wood, cement, and robust iron roads form a house, it's the family that makes it a home. A family moves into a house with a mindset to live their entire lives in this place. The members of the family uproot their entire life from their previous home and move into the new house. Setting up a new space requires thought, dedication, patience, and effort of a lifetime. We at Obeetee Carpets take pride when it comes to decorating homes, ensuring that the interior remains top-notch and chic.

5 Ways to Add Chicness  Accent Furniture Pieces That Elevate Your Living Space

As seasons change, the trends do too. A pretty common example of how quickly these trends change is social media. One day you are scrolling through your feed and all you see are a bunch of influencers dancing to the same song, doing the same steps, and the next day, it's a different song and different steps. Similar is the world of decor. Being in the industry since the century has given us the experience to be updated on the latest trends in the world and modify our collections accordingly. A while back, we were just Obeetee Carpets, the oldest rug maker in India but today, we stand as a full-fledged home decor company, hand-crafting other crucial decor elements like cushion covers and chic modern furniture. Professionals working with us understand the need to add modernity to your interior. Just like our carpets, our latest furniture collection features old-school style manufacturing techniques but with the latest and chic designs, lending the perfect contemporary zeal to your interior.

Below are a few of our furniture accents that you can add to your interior to achieve sophistication and chicness.

  1. Crest Round Cane Coffee Table- Adding a coffee table to your space is one way to add life to your living space. A coffee table adds personality to your space, exuding chicness and sophistication. It provides you with a center to get together as a family and make your tea/coffee time better. The crest is an accent piece from our furniture collection. Crafted using mango wood and acacia wood and polished with a natural shade, the crest round coffee table enhances the visual appeal of your space. This modern piece is crafted by traditional hand-crafting techniques, adding authenticity to your space.

    If interested, visit the link below- https://www.obeetee.in/products/crest-round-cane-coffee-table
  2. Sam Oval Bench- Extra seating in your living space will make the area look more spacious and add to the overall feel of your space. The Sam oval bench is more than a piece of art that you can add to your space. Comfortable and durable, this bench comes with a dark green velvet fabric that encapsulates a warm and plush cushion. The walnut polished base made with acacia wood creates the perfect contrast with the green hue. The bench further lends versatility to the area with its ideal sophisticated appearance.

    Learn more about the bench- https://www.obeetee.in/products/sam-oval-upholstered-bench
  3. Reese Accent chair- Chairs are like what cushions are to any space. They complement the entire setting of the living space and create the perfect eye-catching contrast. The Resse accent chair from our collection comes in a modern and chic color combination of cream and gold. The epitome of elegance in any space, this chair comes with thick cushioning with upholstered and soft covering with a slight texture. Get 2 of these place fine handmade cushions on both and watch them induce character to the space.

    Get this chair here- https://www.obeetee.in/products/reese-accent-chair
  4. Sage Lounge Loveseat- Getting a lounge seat in your space rather than the traditional sofa makes a bold statement. Placing oddly shaped furniture looks like a piece of art in your living space. The safe Loveseat from our collection is handcrafted using acacia wood. The dark green-textured covering encloses a plush cushion to sit upon, handwoven using the best quality materials. The seat forms a partial heart, lending intimacy to your space. To enhance the looks in your living space, this fine accent piece from our collection can be paired with a shaped rug, put up on the wall as a tapestry, and fine handmade cushions.

    Learn more about this article- https://www.obeetee.in/products/sage-lounge-lovesea
  5. Dane Oval Marble Side Table- Instead of placing your supporting decor accents like the vase or an antique telephone on the table or the cupboard, placing them on an individual stand looks much more graceful. Allow us to present before you the Dane Oval Marble Side Table, a fine chic and modern piece from our collection. The side table comes with a 2 story marble base hooked to robust iron rods from three sides. The durable accent sets the perfect base for your colorful decor pieces, making them shine bright to balance the interior perfectly.

    Explore this beautiful accent here- https://www.obeetee.in/products/dane-oval-marble-side-table

Our latest furniture accent is a result of handcrafted mastery by our artisans, using the best quality of acacia wood, mango wood, robust iron, and high-quality polish. Each accent in our collection comes with a unique approach to enhance the aesthetics in your space.

To explore more of our furniture accents visit our website- https://www.obeetee.in/ or any of our flagship stores across the country.