Taming the Noise Monster: How Carpets Create a Quieter Environment

Just like colors, sound has an impact on your emotions and feelings. In movies, the essence of the scenes is often portrayed by the background noise. An action scene will have bold and thundering music and a romantic set-up is often accented by soulful melodies. Similar are the human expressions. When we are hurt, we shout but when we are just listening to a person talk, we just “hum” in agreement. As soothing as the sounds can be, they are equally disturbing irrespective of their nature. Imagine you are studying in your room for an exam tomorrow and there is a soulful melody playing in the background, as calming as it may sound, it might hinder your concentration. Similarly, if there is noise in the living room of your family members just talking, it would sound equally disturbing.

How Carpets Create a Quieter Work Environment

In recording studios, the mics used are a little extra sensitive. This allows the recorders to catch all the little notes but also catches all the unnecessary background noise, thus, studios are often covered with sound absorbers. In cinemas and big halls, the sound tends to echo, making the listening experience a bad one. To rectify this issue, these places are equipped with sound balancers and absorbers, maintaining a clear flow of sound. Despite the size of your home, installing sound absorbers in your residence is a little too much. A solution to balancing or minimizing the noise in your space is adding a carpet. Yes, it might intrigue you but a carpet can be used in many ways apart from just being a decorative accent.

  • Sound absorption- Handmade carpets are made using materials like wool, cotton, and polyester. These materials give the carpet a thick pile to enhance the comfort under your feet. Little do we know that this thick pile has more uses than comfort. The carpet canvas acts as a sound absorber, unlike other hard materials like hardwood floors and marble. The soft fibers trap the sound waves and prevent them from bouncing back as echoes. This absorption quality also reduces the extra sound in the space and maintains a silent and calming environment.
  • Noisy neighbors? Get a rug- Everyone must have been disturbed at least once in their life because of the loud noises coming from the neighbors’ houses. Whether they are looking above you or adjacent, dragging the chairs, banging their feet on the floor(but your roof) while walking, or just a loud noise of laughter, might keep you up all night. Simply placing a thick pile of handmade carpet in the noise-prone area can reduce the volume of this noise enough to keep you from getting disturbed. The carpet can either be placed on the floor or any of the walls in your room and it will act as a sound barrier.
  • Better acoustics- Sound waves tend to bounce back and annoy you with their echo. The thick carpet pile insulates this property of the sound waves and retains the extra noise within itself. This not only soothes the sound reaching your ears but makes the room's acoustics better.
  • Relaxed environment- A calm and composed environment is a comfortable environment. The thick pile of handmade carpets does not allow the reverberation of sound. The ‘not so loud’ environment reduces the stress on your ears and mind, allowing you to feel relaxed.
  • Be complaint-free- It is not just you who can be disturbed by your neighbors, they might feel the same for you. Thus, adding a carpet to your space will help keep the noise in your space at a minimum, keeping the neighbors disturbance-free. The carpet won’t just prevent the noise from going out from your space but also enhance the visual appeal of your space.

Getting a carpet for your space has multiple benefits. More than a floor covering it will enhance the visual appeal of your space, act as a sound reduction and absorption accent, and create a soothing and comfortable environment. We at Obeetee Carpets have been hand-crafting rugs for the world for the past century. Each of our rugs is crafted with the best quality materials, giving each of our carpets a thick pile. Our rugs will not only play the role of a decor accent in your space but will act as beautiful-looking sound absorbers with their designs.

If you want to minimize or soften the noise or sound echo in your space, a recording studio, a cinema hall, or any other area, carpeting is one way to do so. Considering the benefits of carpets, they will lend peace to the ambiance. At our house, we have a carpet for everyone. If you wish to explore handmade carpets, you can visit any of our flagship stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Kolkata or our e-commerce platform https://www.obeetee.in/.